The 100 Most Common Norwegian Verbs

100 Most common Norwegian verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Norwegian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Norwegian with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Norwegian vocabulary!

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to accept godta
to add tilføye
to allow tillate
to answer svare
to arrive ankomme
to ask spørre
to be være
to become bli
to believe tro
to break pause
to bring bringe
to buy kjøpe
to call kalle
to change forandre
to choose velge
to clean ren
to close lukke
to come komme
to come back kom tilbake
to continue fortsette
to cook kokk
to count greve
to cry gråte
to cut klippe
to decide bestemme
to do gjøre
to drive kjøretur
to eat spise
to enter komme inn
to exist eksistere
to explain forklare
to fall høst
to fall asleep sovner
to find finne
to finish avslutte
to fly fly
to follow følge
to forget glemme
to get off gå av
to get out kom deg ut
to give gi
to go
to have ha
to hear høre
to help hjelp
to hold holde
to keep beholde
to know vite
to laugh le
to learn lære
to leave permisjon
to listen lytte
to live leve
to look like ligne
to look se
to lose miste
to love kjærlighet
to make gjøre
to meet møte
to need behøve
to open åpen
to pay betale
to play skuespill
to prepare tilberede
to prevent forebygge
to put putte
to read lese
to recall tilbakekalle
to receive motta
to recognize anerkjenne
to refuse avslå
to remember huske
to repeat gjenta
to rest hvile
to return retur
to run løpe
to say si
to search søke
to see se
to sell selge
to send sende
to shoot skyte
to show vise
to sing synge
to sit down sitt ned
to sleep sove
to start start
to stay opphold
to stop stopp
to succeed lykkes
to switch off slått på
to take ta
to talk snakke
to taste smak
to think tenke
to throw kaste
to touch Berøring
to try forsøke
to turn omdreining
to turn on skru på
to understand forstå
to use bruk
to wait vent
to wake up våkne
to walk spasertur
to want ønske
to wash up Vask opp
to wear slitasje
to win vinne
to work arbeid
to write skrive

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