Learn Burmese Vocabulary: Family and friends

Burmese Vocabulary: Family and friends

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Burmese language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Burmese with their translation in English, on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Burmese vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather aabhoe
the great grandmother aahpwarrkyee
the grandfather aahpoe
the grandmother aahpwarr
the grandson myay
the granddaughter myay
the grandchildren myaymyarr
the father aahpay
the mother aamay
the parents mibhamyarr
the child kayl
the children kalayymyarr
the son sarr
the daughter samee
a baby kalayy
a teenager saalkyawsaattaityout
the adults luukyeemyarr
the brother aaitko
the sister nyem
half-brother hp aay tuu hp kwalaaitko
half-sister hp aay tuu makwal
a twin aamwhartaithku
the uncle ulayy
the aunt aadaw
the cousin wamkwal
the cousin wamkwal
the nephew tuu
the niece tuum
a friend suungaalhkyinntaityout
the boyfriend hkyitsuu
the girlfriend raeehcarr
the fiancé hcaehcaut htarrsuu
the groom sathoetsarr
the husband hkainpwann
the wife janee
the parents-in-law mibhayawkhkam
father-in-law yawk hkasuu
the mother-in-law yawkhkam
the brother-in-law hkellao
the sister-in-law hkaalm
the son-in-law sarrmaat
the daughter-in-law hkyawaym
a family member misarrhcuwain tait u
adopted mway hcarr sai .
only son tait u taeesaw sarr

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