Essential Burmese Vocabulary: The calendar (days, months, seasons)

Burmese Vocabulary: The calendar (days, months, seasons)

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Want to learn the Burmese language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Burmese with their translation in English, on the topic of the calendar (days, months, seasons). Ideal to help you boost your Burmese vocabulary!

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DAYS OF THE WEEK raatsattapaat myarreatnaeraatmyarr
Monday tanainlarnae
Tuesday aaingar
Wednesday buddhahuunae
Thursday kyaarsapatayynae
Friday sawkyaar
Saturday hcanaynae
Sunday t nain ganway
THE MONTHS lamyarr
January jaannawarrel
February hpayhpawwarrel
March maatl
April epyel
May may
June jwanl
July juulinel
August syagotel
September hcaattainbhar
October aouttobharl
November nowainbharl
December dejainbhar
THE SEASONS rarsemyarr
Spring nway u
Summer nwayrarse
Autumn saungg u
Winter saunggrarse
WHEN ? bhaaltotlell ?
before me
after pyeenout
soon makyaarme
this month i latwin
this year denhait
this week deaapaat
from time to time aahkaraarrlyawhcwar
already pyeepye .
today denae
tomorrow manaathpyan
yesterday manaek
last night manaeny
the day before yesterday manae k
a long time ago kyaarpye .
a week ago lwanhkaesaw taitpaatk
never bhaaltotmha
next year noutnhait
next time nouttaitkyaain
next week larmaeetaapaat
next month noutl
last year manhaitk
last month pyeehkae sanyl
last week pyeehkae saeetaapaatk
in the morning manaatpinemhar
in the afternoon naehkainnpinemhar
in the evening nyanaypinetwin
the day naeraat
now yahku
later noutpine
immediately hkyethkyinn
sometimes taithkartaitran
rarely mashisalout
recently makyaarsayymek
frequently makyaarhkan
often makyaarhkan
very often makyaarhkan
slowly hpyihpyihkyinn
quickly myanmyan
late noutkya
early hcawhcaw
always aamyaelltam
every day naetine
right away hkyethkyinn
all the time aahkyanetine
all day long taitnaelone
a holiday aarrlautraattaitraat
a month taitl
a year taitnhait
an hour taitnarre
a minute taitminait
a week tait parat

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