Learn Basic Burmese | Greetings and Introductions

Burmese Greetings and Introductions

– Essential words and phrases to know –


Learn the essentials of Burmese easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words and phrases used in Burmese for greetings and Introductions, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Burmese by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Burmese vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Hello haallo
Good morning! main g lar nannaathkainnpar!
Good afternoon! main g lar naelaihkainn par!
Hi maingalarpar
Good evening main g lar nyanayhkainnpar
Good night kaunggsawnyapar
Sleep well kaunggkaungg aiutpyaw parhcay
How are you? naykaungglarr?
I’m fine, thank you. ngar aasainpyay partaal . kyaayyjuupar .
How about you? sain k raw?
Nice to meet you. saint ko twaeratar wamsarpartaal .
Nice to meet you too. kyawantawlaee saint ko twaeratar wamsarpartaal .
Likewise aalarrtuu
It’s good to see you. twaetar kaunggpartaal .
Nice to see you again. pyantwaeratar wamsarpartaal .
Pleased to meet you. twaeratar wamsarpartaal .
How nice to see you! mainn kotwaeratar bhaallout wamsarhcarar kaungg lell .
What’s up? bhartway htuu lell?
What brings you here? mainnko bhark deko yuular tarlell .
When you’re leaving
Goodbye swarrtotmaal
I hope we’ll meet again. pyan sonetwaekyamaallhoet myahaaw lang partaal .
I’ve got to go. ngar swarr hcarar shitaal .
It was good meeting you. mainnnae twaesoneratar kaunggpartaal .
It was great seeing you again. pyantwaeratar aaramkaunggpartaal .
It was great to catch up! a me litehphoet kaunggtaal .
See you again sometime. taithkyanehkyanemhar pyantwae maal .
See you in the morning manaat mha twaemaal .
See you later noutmhatwaemaal
See you soon makyaarhkain pyansonekyamaal
See you tomorrow manaathpyantwaemaal
See you tonight deny twaemaal .
Sleep well kaunggkaungg aiutpyaw parhcay
Take care. garuhcite par .
Other greetings
Bless you sang ko bhurarrsahkain kaungg hkyaee payyparhcay
Cheers! pyawshwinparhcay
Farewell nhuatsaat sai .
Good luck! kankaunggparhcay!
Talk to you soon makyaarhkain mainnnae hcakarrpyaww par .
Welcome kyaosopartaal .
Well done! kaungghcwar pyeesone sai!

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