Burmese Vocabulary List: Colors and shapes

Burmese Vocabulary: Colors and shapes

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Want to learn the Burmese language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Burmese with their translation in English, on the topic of colors and shapes. Ideal to help you boost your Burmese vocabulary!

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THE COLORS aaraungmyarr
a color aaraungtaithku
white aahpyauu
black aanaatraung
gray meehkoeraung
yellow aawarraung
orange lim mawsee
green aahcaimraung
blue aapyaar
red a neay rarin
brown aanyoraung
beige a war nuraungshisaw
purple hkaramraung
mauve mauve
pink paannraung
dark mhaawngya mokyasaw
golden shway
silver ngway
THE SHAPES ponehcanmyarr
a pyramid pi r maittaithku
a square hcaturaanntaithku
a circle hcaatwinetaithku
a triangle tyai gantaithku
a rectangle hc tu gantaithku
a star kyaaltaitlone
a line linetaithku
an arrow myarrtaithcainn
a heart nhalone
a crescent l hkyam

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