Learn Chinese Vocabulary: Family and friends

Chinese Vocabulary: Family and friends

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Want to learn the Chinese language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Chinese with their translation in English, on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Chinese vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather zēng zǔ fù
the great grandmother zēng zǔ mǔ
the grandfather zǔ fù
the grandmother zǔ mǔ
the grandson sūn zi
the granddaughter sūn nǚ
the grandchildren sūn zi men
the father fù qīn
the mother mǔ qīn
the parents fù mǔ
the child hái zi
the children hái zi men
the son ér zi
the daughter nǚ ér
a baby yí gè yīng ér
a teenager yí gè shào nián
the adults dà ren
the brother xiōng dì
the sister jiě jiě
half-brother tóng fù yì mǔ de xiōng dì
half-sister tóng fù yì mǔ de mèi mèi
a twin shuāng bāo tāi
the uncle jiù jiù
the aunt ā yí
the cousin biǎo dì
the cousin biǎo dì
the nephew zhí zi
the niece zhí nǚ
a friend yí gè péng you
the boyfriend nán péng yǒu
the girlfriend nǚ péng yǒu
the fiancé wèi hūn fū
the groom xīn láng
the husband zhàng fu
the wife qī zi
the parents-in-law yuè fù mǔ
father-in-law yuè fù
the mother-in-law pó pó
the brother-in-law jiě fu
the sister-in-law sǎo zi
the son-in-law nǚ xù
the daughter-in-law ér xí fu
a family member jiā tíng chéng yuán
adopted cǎi yòng
only son dú shēng zǐ

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