The 50 Most Common Burmese Verbs

50 Most common Burmese verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Burmese language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Burmese with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Burmese vocabulary!

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to accept laathkanraan
to add htanyraan
to allow hkwngpyuraan
to answer hpyay soraan
to arrive routshiraan
to ask mayyraan
to be hpyitraan
to become hpyitlarraan
to believe yonekyihphoet
to break hkyoeraan
to bring yuularraan
to buy waalraan
to call hkawraan
to change pyaungglellraan
to choose rwayhkyaalraan
to clean sanshinnraan
to close pateraan
to come larraan
to come back pyanlarraan
to continue saatraan
to cook hkyetpyuatraan
to count raytwatraan
to cry ngoraan
to cut hpyatraan
to decide sonehpyatraan
to do loteraan
to drive maunggraan
to eat hcarrraan
to enter wainraan
to exist taishiraan
to explain shinnpyaraan
to fall lellhphoet
to fall asleep aiutpyawhphoet
to find sharraan
to finish pee sone ranya
to fly pyaansaannraan
to follow litenarraan
to forget maeraan
to get off sainnraan
to get out htwatraan
to give payyraan
to go swarrraan
to have shihphoet
to hear kyarrhphoet
to help kuunyehphoet
to hold kineraan
to keep hcawng shoutraan
to know siraan
to laugh raalhphoet
to learn sainyuuraan
to leave htwathkwarraan
to listen narrhtaunghphoet
to live aasaatshinraan
to look like kyaitetaal .
to look kyi shuraan
to lose soneshoneraan
to love hkyithphoet
to make loteraan
to meet twaehphoet
to need loaaut
to open hpw int lhaitraan
to pay payyraan
to play kahcarrraan
to prepare pyinsainraan
to prevent tarrseeraan
to put tainraan
to read hpaatraan
to recall pyanlai saimsaeeraan
to receive laathkanraan
to recognize aasiaamhaatpyuraan
to refuse ngyinnsoraan
to remember mhaatmihphoet
to repeat pyanlote par .
to rest aanarryuuraan
to return pyanhphoet
to run pyayraan
to say pyawwraan
to search sharhpwayraan
to see kyiraan
to sell raunggraan
to send payyphoetraan
to shoot paitraan
to show pyasaraan
to sing sesoraan
to sit down htineraan
to sleep aiutraan
to start hcatainraan
to stay nayhphoet
to stop rautraan
to succeed aaungmyinhphoet
to switch off pateraan
to take yuuraan
to talk hcakarrpyawwraan
to taste aarasar myiraan
to think hcain hcarrraan
to throw paitraan
to touch htiraan
to try kyaoehcarrraan
to turn a lha ny
to turn on hpw inthphoet
to understand narrlairaan
to use aasonepyuraan
to wait hcawng sineraan
to wake up noehtaraan
to walk lamshoutraan
to want lohkyin sai .
to wash up rayhkyoeraan
to wear waatsainraan
to win aanineraraan
to work aaloteloteraan
to write rayyhphoet

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