Learn Burmese Vocabulary: Travel and tourism

Burmese Vocabulary: Travel and tourism

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Burmese language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Burmese with their translation in English, on the topic of travel and tourism. Ideal to help you boost your Burmese vocabulary!

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travel hkareeswarr
tourism hkareeswarrlotengaann
a hotel hotaal
on time aahkyanemhaan
late noutkya
the airport laysiut
landing sainnsaat
take-off pyaan taatsai
the air conditioning layaayypayyhcaat
the distance aakwaraawayy
the customs aakouthkwan
the border naalhcaut
the train station bhuutarrone
the bus station karrgate
a ticket laatmhaattaithku
the reception e ny hkanpwal
the reservation kyaotain mharhtarr
the road lamm
a highway aawayypyaylam
the plane layyarin
by plane lay yarinhpyang
the bus bhaatitkarr
the taxi takkahce
the train rahtarr
the car karr
a helicopter rahaatyarin
the sign sain kayt
the parking lot karrparkain
the passport ninengankuulaatmhaat
the seat htinehkone
the toilet aainsar
the sunglasses nay karmyetmhaan
a key sottaithkyaungg
a camera kainmarartaitlone
one way ticket a swarr taitkyaungg taeelaatmhaat
a return ticket a pyanlaatmhaat
a ticket office laatmhaatrone
an accommodation nayrar htinehkainn
a pillow hkaungg aonetaitlone
a blanket hcaung
a sleeping bag aiutaate
a luggage hkareesaungaate
a bag aatetaitlone
a backpack kyawwpoeaate
an information aahkyetaalaattaithku
a tourist hkareeswarr tait u
a vaccine karkwalsayy
an insurance aarmahkantaithku
a postcard phoethc kaattaithku
an itinerary hkareehcaintaithku
a destination u tai rartaithku
a flashlight dharatmee
an electrical outlet shuthcait palaut pouttaithku
a tent telltaitlone
a suitcase hkareesaungaate
to visit laipaatraan
to travel hkareeswarrraan
to rent ngharhphoet
to leave htwathkwarraan
to cancel paalhpyetraan
to cancel a reservation kyaotain mharyuumhuko paalhpyetraan
to photograph dharatponeriteraan
the wind lay
the snow nhainn
the rain moe
the storm monetine
the sun nay
the sea painlaal
a mountain taungtaitlone
a lake raykaantaithku
a national park aamyoesarr u yyaarintaithku
a country ninengantaithku
a forest tawtaithku
a cave guutaithku
an island kyawann taitkyawann
a beach kamhkyaytaithku
the nature sabharw
the landscape shuhkainn
sun cream nayraungkarhkarainm
a towel myetnhar sote pu war

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