Basic Latvian words for beginners

Basic Latvian words for beginners

– Essential words to know –


Learn the essentials of Latvian easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words used in Latvian, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Latvian by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Latvian vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Please Lūdzu
Thank you! Paldies!
Sorry!  Piedodiet! 
What? Kā?
Who? Kas, kurš?
When? Kad?
Why? Kāpēc?
Which? Kas?
How? Kā?
Where ? Kur?
How much ? Cik daudz?
No  Nē 
Maybe Varbūt
Of course Protams
something Kaut ko
nothing nekas
somebody kāds
nobody neviens
before pirms
after pēc
far tālu
near blakus
here šeit
there tur
today Šodien
tomoorow Tomoorow
now tūlīt
man vīrs
woman sieviete
friend draugs
more vairāk
less mazāk
always vienmēr
later vēlāk
never nekad
same tāds pats
different atšķirīgs
small mazs
large Lielu
difficult grūti
easy viegli
hot karsts
cold auksts
yesterday Vakar
after pēc
beautiful skaists
broken Sadalīti
free brīvs
a pharmacy aptieka
money nauda
a bag maiss
a lighter šķiltavas
a cigarette cigarete
a bottle pudele
soap ziepes
clean tīrs
dirty netīrs
a trash can atkritumu tvertne
a trash bag miskastes maiss
the silence Klusums
a tool rīks
pregnant Grūtniece
sick slims
a baby bērniņš
a little bit mazliet
a doctor ārsts
a dentist zobārsts
a medicine zāles
a book grāmata
a story stāsts
a phone tālrunis
a computer dators
a car automašīna
a plane plakne
the name nosaukums
the adress Adrese
the age vecums
the nationality Pilsonība
a choice Izvēle
an answer atbildi
the key atslēga
the light gaisma
the television Televīziju
the bed gulta
the house Māja
the shower duša
the window logs
the door Durvis
the table tabulu
tired noguris
water Ūdens
open atvērts
closed Aizvērts
clothes drēbes
coffee kafija
tea tēja
lunch pusdienas
dinner vakariņas
a fruit auglis
a vegetable dārzenis
a beverage dzēriens
a child bērns
rain lietus
the entrance ieeja
the exit izeja
music mūzika
a smile smaids
the world Pasaule
the sky debesis
a river upe
the sea jūra
the mountain kalns
the lake ezers
the island Sala
the beach pludmale

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