Basic Korean words for beginners

Basic Korean words for beginners

– Essential words to know –


Learn the essentials of Korean easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words used in Korean, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Korean by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Korean vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Please 부탁해요 butakhaeyo
Thank you! 감사합니다! gamsahapnida!
Sorry!  미안해요!  mianhaeyo! 
What? 무엇? mueot?
Who? 누구? nugu?
When? 언제? eonje?
Why? 왜? wae?
Which? 어느? eoneu?
How? 어떻게? eotteohge?
Where ? 어디? ady?
How much ? 얼만큼요? eolmankeumyo?
Yes yeah
No  아니요  anniyo 
Maybe 아마 ama
Of course 물론 mullon
something 무언가 mueonga
nothing mu
somebody 누군가 nugunga
nobody 아무도 amudo
before 전에 jeone
after hu
far 멀리 meolli
near 가깝다 gakkapda
here 여기 yeogi
there 거기 geogi
today 오늘 oneul
tomoorow 토무로우 tomurou
now 지금 jigeum
man 남자 nanza
woman 여자 yeoja
friend 친구 chingu
more de
less deol
always neul
later 나중에 najunge
never 결코 gyeolko
same 같은 gateun
different 다른 dareun
small 작다 jakda
large keun
difficult 어렵다 eoryeopda
easy 쉬운 swiun
hot 덥다 deopda
cold 감기 gamgi
yesterday 어제 eoje
after hu
beautiful 아름답다 areumdapda
broken 깨진 kkaejin
free 무료 muryo
a pharmacy 약국 yakguk
money don
a bag 가방 gabang
a lighter 라이터 right
a cigarette 담배 dambae
a bottle byeong
soap 비누 binu
clean 깨끗이 kkaekkeusi
dirty 더럽다 deoreopda
a trash can 쓰레기통 ssregiton
a trash bag 쓰레기봉투 sregibong
the silence 침묵 chimmuk
a tool 도구 togu
pregnant 임신한 imsinhan
sick 아픈 apeun
a baby 아기 agi
a little bit 조금 jogeum
a doctor 의사 uisa
a dentist 치과 의사 chigua uisa
a medicine yak
a book chack
a story 이야기 iyagi
a phone 전화 jeonhwa
a computer 컴퓨터 computer
a car 자동차 jadongcha
a plane 비행기 bihaenggi
the name 이름 ireum
the adress 주소 juso
the age 나이 nighy
the nationality 국적 gukjeok
a choice 선택 seontaek
an answer 답변 dapbyeon
the key 열쇠 yeolsoe
the light bicc
the television 텔레비전 telfevision
the bed 침대 chimdae
the house 더 하우스 de hauseu
the shower 샤워 xiawo
the window chang
the door mun
the table 테이블 table
tired 피곤한 pigonhan
water mul
open 열다 yeolda
closed 닫은 dadeun
clothes ot
coffee 커피 keopi
tea cha
lunch 점심 jeomsim
dinner 저녁 식사 jeonyeok sixa
a fruit 과일 guile
a vegetable 야채 yachae
a beverage 음료 eumryo
a child 아이 ai
rain bi
the entrance 입구 ipgu
the exit 출구 chulgu
music 음악 eumak
a smile 미소 miso
the world 세계 sekai
the sky 하늘 haneul
a river gang
the sea 바다 bada
the mountain san
the lake 호수 hosszú
the island sum
the beach 해변 haebyeon

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