Latvian Vocabulary (PDF): The human body, head and face

Latvian Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

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Want to learn the Latvian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Latvian with their translation in English, on the topic of the human body, head and face. Ideal to help you boost your Latvian vocabulary!

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the head galva
the face seju
the mouth mute
the throat kakls
the cheek vaigu
the tongue mēle
the lips lūpas
the jaw žoklis
the neck kakls
the forehead piere
the chin zods
the nose deguns
the hair matus
the eyes acis
a tooth zobs
the hair matus
an ear auss
a mustache ūsas
a beard bārda
the skin āda
the shoulder plecu
the forearm apakšdelms
the wrist plaukstas locītavu
an arm roka
the arms rokas
the elbow elkonis
a hand roka
a thumb īkšķis
the fingers pirksti
the belly vēders
the chest lāde
the back aizmugurē
the breasts krūtis
the buttocks sēžamvieta
the foot pēda
the heel papēdis
the knee celis
the leg kāju
the thigh augšstilbs
a toe pirksts
the stomach vēders
the brain smadzenes
the lungs plaušas
the skeleton skelets
a bone kauls
the skull galvaskauss
a muscle muskulis

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