The 100 Most Common Danish Verbs

100 Most common Danish verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Danish language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Danish with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Danish vocabulary!

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to accept at acceptere
to add at tilføje
to allow at tillade
to answer at svare
to arrive at ankomme
to ask at spørge
to be at være
to become at blive
to believe at tro
to break at bryde
to bring at medbringe
to buy at købe
to call at ringe
to change at ændre
to choose at vælge
to clean at rengøre
to close at lukke
to come at komme
to come back at komme tilbage
to continue at fortsætte
to cook at lave mad
to count at tælle
to cry at græde
to cut at skære
to decide at beslutte
to do at gøre
to drive at køre
to eat at spise
to enter for at deltage
to exist at eksistere
to explain at forklare
to fall at falde
to fall asleep at falde i søvn
to find at finde
to finish at afslutte
to fly at flyve
to follow at følge
to forget at glemme
to get off at komme af
to get out at komme ud
to give at give
to go at gå
to have at have
to hear at høre
to help at hjælpe
to hold at holde
to keep at beholde
to know at vide
to laugh at grine
to learn at lære
to leave at forlade
to listen at lytte
to live at leve
to look like at se ud som
to look at se
to lose at tabe
to love at elske
to make at lave
to meet at mødes
to need at have brug for
to open for at åbne
to pay at betale
to play at spille
to prepare at forberede
to prevent for at forhindre
to put at sætte
to read at læse
to recall at huske
to receive at modtage
to recognize at genkende
to refuse at nægte
to remember at huske
to repeat at gentage
to rest at hvile
to return at vende tilbage
to run at løbe
to say at sige
to search til søgning
to see at se
to sell at sælge
to send at sende
to shoot at skyde
to show at vise
to sing at synge
to sit down at sætte sig ned
to sleep at sove
to start at begynde med
to stay at blive
to stop at stoppe
to succeed at få succes
to switch off for at slukke
to take at tage
to talk at tale
to taste at smage
to think at tænke
to throw at kaste
to touch at røre ved
to try at prøve
to turn at dreje
to turn on for at tænde
to understand at forstå
to use at bruge
to wait at vente
to wake up at vågne op
to walk at gå
to want at ønske
to wash up at vaske op
to wear at bære
to win at vinde
to work at arbejde
to write at skrive

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