The Most Common and Useful Afrikaans Adverbs

100 Most common Afrikaans adverbs list

– Basic & Useful adverbs list –


Want to learn the Afrikaans language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful adverbs in Afrikaans with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Afrikaans vocabulary!

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about oor
absolutely absoluut
accidentally per ongeluk
actively aktief
after na
almost byna
also ook
always altyd
anytime anytime
anywhere oral
apparently blykbaar
approximately ongeveer
around rondom
automatically outomaties
barely skaars
blindness blindheid
briefly kortliks
calmly kalm
carefully versigtig
cautiously versigtig
certainly beslis
clearly duidelik
comfortably gemaklik
commonly algemeen
completely heeltemal
constantly voortdurend
correctly korrek
courageously moedig
curiously nuuskierig
currently tans
deliberately doelbewus
delicately fyn
desperately desperaat
easily maklik
elsewhere elders
enormously geweldig
enough genoeg
everywhere oral
exactly presies
exceptionally buitengewoon
extremely uiters
finally uiteindelik
formerly voorheen
fortunately gelukkig
frankly eerlik
freely vrylik
hard harde
here hier
honestly eerlik
immediately onmiddellik
inside binne
lately die afgelope tyd
long lank
loudly hard
more meer
mysteriously geheimsinnig
naturally natuurlik
needlessly onnodig
never nooit
normally gewoonlik
now nou
nowhere nêrens
obviously natuurlik
often dikwels
only net
otherwise anders
outside buite
patiently geduldig
perfectly perfek
perhaps miskien
personally persoonlik
probably waarskynlik
quickly vinnig
quietly rustig
randomly lukraak
rarely selde
really regtig
repeatedly herhaaldelik
right away nou dadelik
separately afsonderlik
seriously ernstig
significantly aansienlik
silently stil
simply eenvoudig
slightly effens
slowly stadig
sometimes soms
somewhere iewers
soon gou
standing staan
still steeds
strangely vreemd
strictly streng
strongly sterk
stupidly dom
suddenly skielik
surprisingly verbasend
then dan
there daar
together saam
unfortunately ongelukkig
upside down onderstebo
usually gewoonlik
very baie
well goed
wrongly verkeerdelik

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