Basic Afrikaans words for beginners

Basic Afrikaans words for beginners

– Essential words to know –


Learn the essentials of Afrikaans easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words used in Afrikaans, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Afrikaans by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Afrikaans vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Please Asseblief
Thank you! Dankie!
Sorry!  Jammer!
What? Wat?
Who? WHO?
When? Wanneer?
Why? Hoekom?
Which? Watter?
How? Hoe?
Where ? Waar ?
How much ? Hoeveel ?
Yes Ja
No  Geen
Maybe Kan wees
Of course Natuurlik
something iets
nothing niks
somebody iemand
nobody niemand nie
before voor
after na
far ver
near naby
here hier
there daar
today vandag
tomoorow môre
now nou
man man
woman vrou
friend vriend
more meer
less minder
always altyd
later later
never nooit
same dieselfde
different anders
small klein
large groot
difficult moeilik
easy maklik
hot warm
cold koud
yesterday gister
after na
beautiful pragtige
broken stukkend
free vry
a pharmacy n apteek
money geld
a bag n sak
a lighter n aansteker
a cigarette n sigaret
a bottle n bottel
soap seep
clean skoon
dirty vuil
a trash can n asblik
a trash bag n vullissak
the silence die stilte
a tool n hulpmiddel
pregnant swanger
sick siek
a baby n baba
a little bit n bietjie
a doctor n dokter
a dentist n tandarts
a medicine n medisyne
a book n boek
a story n storie
a phone n foon
a computer n rekenaar
a car n motor
a plane n vliegtuig
the name die naam
the adress die adres
the age die ouderdom
the nationality die nasionaliteit
a choice n keuse
an answer n antwoord
the key die sleutel
the light die lig
the television die televisie
the bed die bed
the house die huis
the shower die stort
the window die venster
the door die deur
the table die tafel
tired moeg
water water
open oopmaak
closed gesluit
clothes klere
coffee koffie
tea tee
lunch middagete
dinner aandete
a fruit n vrug
a vegetable n groente
a beverage n drankie
a child n kind
rain reën
the entrance die ingang
the exit die uitgang
music musiek
a smile n glimlag
the world die wereld
the sky die lug
a river n rivier
the sea die see
the mountain die berg
the lake Die meer
the island die eiland
the beach die strand

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