Learn Afrikaans Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

Afrikaans Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

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Want to learn the Afrikaans language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Afrikaans with their translation in English, on the topic of the human body, head and face. Ideal to help you boost your Afrikaans vocabulary!

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the head die kop
the face die gesig
the mouth die mond
the throat die keel
the cheek die wang
the tongue die tong
the lips die lippe
the jaw die kakebeen
the neck die nek
the forehead die voorkop
the chin die ken
the nose die neus
the hair die hare
the eyes die oรซ
a tooth n tand
the hair die hare
an ear n oor
a mustache n snor
a beard n baard
the skin die vel
the shoulder die skouer
the forearm die voorarm
the wrist die pols
an arm n arm
the arms die arms
the elbow die elmboog
a hand n hand
a thumb n duim
the fingers die vingers
the belly die maag
the chest die bors
the back die rug
the breasts die borste
the buttocks die boude
the foot die voet
the heel die hakskeen
the knee die knie
the leg die been
the thigh die dy
a toe n toon
the stomach die maag
the brain die brein
the lungs die longe
the skeleton die skelet
a bone n been
the skull die skedel
a muscle n spier

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