Learn Vietnamese Vocabulary

Vietnamese vocabulary lists by topic

– Essential words you should learn –


Each Vietnamese vocabulary list on this page is organized by topic and contains the essential words to learn and remember. They will be useful if you want to learn Vietnamese on your own at home, or if you want to learn Vietnamese for travel or to pass an exam.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions to improve these vocabulary lists.

Vietnamese Vocabulary List:

  1. Greetings
  2. Basic words to learn
  3. 100 most common Vietnamese verbs
  4. Useful adverbs
  5. Useful adjectives
  6. Family and friends
  7. The city and public places
  8. The human body, head and face
  9. Contrary words
  10. Travel and tourism
  11. The calendar (days, months, seasons)
  12. Colors and shapes
  13. Describing people
  14. Giving directions and situate things
  15. Education and school
  16. Gestures and positions
  17. Culture and hobbies
  18. The weather, the climate โ˜€
  19. Geography and landscape
  20. Materials
  21. Science
  22. Head and face
  23. Around town
  24. Shopping
  25. Animals
  26. Professions
  27. Countries and continents of the world
  28. Nationalities
  29. Kitchen utensils
  30. Vehicles and means of transport
  31. Clothing and fashion accessories
  32. Identity and personal information
  33. Feelings and emotions
  34. Personality, Character and Behaviour

Vietnamese Phrases for Conversation:

  1. Polite phrases for beginners
  2. How to say โ€˜Thank youโ€™
  3. How to apologize in Vietnamese? 10 useful phrases
  4. Introduce yourself and someone
  5. How to exchange contact information
  6. 20 Essential Sentences for Flirting in Vietnamese
  7. Talk about your hobbies
  8. How to Say No Politely
  9. Talking about your job
  10. How to invite someone in Vietnamese? 10 Useful sentences
  11. How to talk about the weather in Vietnamese?
  12. How to start a conversation in Vietnamese – Useful sentences
  13. How to talk about your tastes in Vietnamese language?
  14. Useful Vietnamese Phrases about Health and emergencies
  15. Agreement and disagreement
  16. Encouraging someone,ย Cheering someone up
  17. At the bar
  18. At the restaurant
  19. Shopping for Clothes: useful expressions
  20. Common Vietnamese phrases for conversation
  21. Asking for directions and giving directions
  22. Talking about moneyย (Saying that something is expensive,ย At the Bank)
  23. How to describe something
  24. Talking about the future
  25. Places and space
  26. Guessing things
  27. Forget things
  28. Giving advice in Vietnamese
  29. How to explain something / ask for explanations
  30. Insults and swear words
  31. Checking for understanding
  32. Giving Instructions
  33. Talking about past things
  34. Must-know Vietnamese questions for beginners
  35. Talking about colours
  36. Food and drinks
  37. Talking about animals
  38. Daily routine