Slovenian Vocabulary (PDF): The human body, head and face

Slovenian Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

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Want to learn the Slovenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Slovenian with their translation in English, on the topic of the human body, head and face. Ideal to help you boost your Slovenian vocabulary!

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the head glavo
the face obraza
the mouth usta
the throat grlo
the cheek lice
the tongue jezik
the lips ustnice
the jaw čeljust
the neck vratu
the forehead čelo
the chin brada
the nose nosu
the hair lasje
the eyes oči
a tooth zob
the hair lasje
an ear uho
a mustache brki
a beard brada
the skin kožo
the shoulder ramena
the forearm podlahti
the wrist zapestje
an arm roko
the arms rokah
the elbow komolec
a hand roko
a thumb palec
the fingers prsti
the belly trebuh
the chest prsnega koša
the back zadaj
the breasts prsa
the buttocks zadihane
the foot stopalo
the heel peta
the knee koleno
the leg nogo
the thigh stegno
a toe toe
the stomach želodec
the brain možgane
the lungs pljuča
the skeleton okostje
a bone kost
the skull lobanja
a muscle mišice

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