The 100 Most Common Icelandic Verbs

100 Most common Icelandic verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Icelandic language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Icelandic with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Icelandic vocabulary!

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to accept þiggja
to add bæta við
to allow leyfa
to answer svara
to arrive koma
to ask spyrja
to be vera
to become verða
to believe trúa
to break brjóta
to bring færa
to buy kaupa
to call kalla
to change breyta
to choose velja
to clean hreinn
to close loka
to come koma
to come back Komdu aftur
to continue halda áfram
to cook elda
to count telja
to cry gráta
to cut skera
to decide ákveða
to do gera
to drive aka
to eat borða
to enter Færa inn
to exist vera til
to explain útskýra
to fall haust
to fall asleep sofna
to find finna
to finish enda
to fly fljúga
to follow fylgja
to forget gleyma
to get off Farðu burt
to get out Farðu út
to give gefa
to go fara
to have hafa
to hear heyra
to help hjálpa
to hold halda
to keep geyma
to know vita
to laugh hlæja
to learn læra
to leave yfirgefa
to listen hlusta
to live lifa
to look like líta út eins og
to look sko
to lose tapa
to love elska
to make gera
to meet mæta
to need þörf
to open opinn
to pay greiða
to play leika
to prepare undirbúa
to prevent aftra
to put setja
to read lesa
to recall innköllun
to receive
to recognize þekkja
to refuse synja
to remember muna
to repeat endurtaka
to rest hvíld
to return skila
to run hlaupa
to say segja
to search leita
to see sjá
to sell selja
to send senda
to shoot skjóta
to show sýna
to sing syngja
to sit down Sestu
to sleep sofa
to start ræsa
to stay dvöl
to stop stoppa
to succeed takast
to switch off slökkva
to take taka
to talk tal
to taste bragð
to think hugsa
to throw kasta
to touch Snertu
to try reyna
to turn snúa
to turn on kveikja á
to understand skilja
to use nota
to wait bíða
to wake up Vaknaðu
to walk ganga
to want vilja
to wash up þvo upp
to wear slit
to win vinna
to work vinna
to write skrifa

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