Basic Icelandic Vocabulary: Family and friends

Icelandic Vocabulary: Family and friends

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Icelandic language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Icelandic with their translation in English, on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Icelandic vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather langafi
the great grandmother langamma
the grandfather Afi
the grandmother amman
the grandson barnabarnið
the granddaughter barnabarnið
the grandchildren barnabörnin
the father Faðirinn
the mother móðirin
the parents foreldrarnir
the child barnið
the children börnin
the son sonurinn
the daughter dóttirin
a baby smábarn
a teenager unglingur
the adults fullorðna fólkið
the brother bróðirinn
the sister systirin
half-brother hálfbróðir
half-sister hálfsystir
a twin tvíburi
the uncle frændinn
the aunt frænkan
the cousin frændinn
the cousin frændinn
the nephew frændinn
the niece frænkan
a friend Vinur
the boyfriend kærastinn
the girlfriend kærastan
the fiancé unnustinn
the groom brúðguminn
the husband eiginmaðurinn
the wife eiginkonan
the parents-in-law tengdaforeldrarnir
father-in-law tengdapabbi
the mother-in-law tengdamóðirin
the brother-in-law mágur
the sister-in-law mágkonan
the son-in-law tengdasonurinn
the daughter-in-law tengdadóttirin
a family member aðstandanda
adopted Samþykkt
only son einkasonur

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