The Most Common and Useful Hindi Adverbs

100 Most common Hindi adverbs list

– Basic & Useful adverbs list –


Want to learn the Hindi language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful adverbs in Hindi with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Hindi vocabulary!

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about ke baare mein
absolutely bilkul
accidentally akasmaat
actively sakriy
after baad mein
almost lagabhag
also bhee
always hamesha
anytime kisee bhee samay
anywhere kaheen bhee
apparently jaahira taur par
approximately lagabhag
around chaaron or
automatically khud ba khud
barely mushkil se
blindness andhaapan
briefly sankshipt
calmly shaanti se
carefully saavadhaanee se
cautiously saavadhaanee se
certainly nishchit roop se
clearly spasht roop se
comfortably aaraam se
commonly aamataur par
completely pooree tarah
constantly lagaataar
correctly sahee dhang se
courageously saahas ke saath
curiously dilachasp
currently vartamaan mein
deliberately jaan – boojhakar
delicately naajuk
desperately sakht
easily saralata
elsewhere kaheen
enormously atyant
enough paryaapt
everywhere har jagah
exactly bilkul
exceptionally khaasakar
extremely bahut zyaada
finally aakhirakaar
formerly poorv
fortunately saubhaagy se
frankly sach kahoon
freely aazaadee se
hard kathin
here yahaan
honestly eemaanadaaree se
immediately turant
inside andar
lately haal tak
long lamba
loudly jor jor
more adhik
mysteriously rahasyamay tareeke se
naturally sahaj roop mein
needlessly bekaar mein
never kabhee naheen
normally saamaany roop se
now abhee va
nowhere kaheen bhee nahin
obviously spashtatah
often aksar
only keval
otherwise anyatha
outside baahar
patiently dhairyapoorvak
perfectly pooree tarah se
perhaps shaayad
personally vyaktigat roop se
probably sambhavat
quickly turant
quietly chupachaap
randomly betarateeb
rarely kabhee-kabhaar
really vaastav mein
repeatedly baar baar
right away bilkul abhee
separately alag se
seriously gambheerata se
significantly kaaphee
silently dil hee dil mein
simply keval
slightly thoda
slowly dheere se
sometimes kabhee-kabhee
somewhere kaheen
soon jald hee
standing khada hai
still phir bhee
strangely ajeeb
strictly sakhtee se
strongly drdhata se
stupidly bevakoophee
suddenly achaanak se
surprisingly hairaanee kee baat hai
then phir
there vahaan
together saath mein
unfortunately durbhaagy se
upside down ulta
usually aamataur par
very bahut
well kuna
wrongly galat tareeke se

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