The 100 Most Common Hindi Verbs

100 Most common Hindi verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Hindi language? Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Hindi with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Hindi vocabulary!

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to accept sveekaar karane ke lie
to add jodane ke lie
to allow anumati dene ke lie
to answer javaab dene ke lie
to arrive aane ke lie
to ask poochhane ke lie
to be hona
to become banana
to believe vishvaas karane ke lie
to break todane ke lie
to bring laane ke lie
to buy khareedane ke lie
to call kol karane ke lie
to change badal dena
to choose chunane ke lie
to clean saaph karana
to close band kar dena
to come aana
to come back vaapas aane ke lie
to continue jaaree rakhane ke lie
to cook pakaana
to count ginatee karane ke lie
to cry rona
to cut kaatana
to decide thaan le
to do karane ke lie
to drive draiv karane ke lie
to eat ko khaane ke
to enter pravesh karana
to exist astitv ke lie
to explain vyaakhya karana
to fall girane ke liye
to fall asleep so jaana
to find dhoondhane ke lie
to finish khatm karane ke lie
to fly udane ke liyen
to follow anusaran karane ke lie
to forget bhool jaane ke lie
to get off utarana
to get out baahar nikalane ke lie
to give de dena
to go chal dena
to have rakhane ke lie
to hear sunane ke lie
to help kee madad
to hold pakadane ke lie
to keep banae rakhane ke lie
to know pata hona
to laugh hansana
to learn jaanane ke lie
to leave chhodane ke lie
to listen shravan karana
to live jeene ke lie
to look like tarah dikhane ke lie
to look dekhane ke lie
to lose khone ke lie
to love pyaar karane ke lie
to make banaane ke lie
to meet milane ke lie
to need jaroorat ko
to open ko kholane ke lie
to pay bhugataan karane ke lie
to play khelane ke lie
to prepare parasha.taiyaaree karana
to prevent rokane ke lie
to put daalane ke lie
to read padhane ke lie
to recall yaad karana
to receive praapt karane ke lie
to recognize pahachaanana
to refuse mana kar dena
to remember yaad karane ke lie
to repeat doharaana
to rest aaraam karane ke lie
to return lautane ke liye
to run chalaane ke lie
to say kahane ke lie
to search khojana
to see dekhane ke lie
to sell bechane ke lie
to send bhejane ke lie
to shoot shoot karana
to show dikhaane ke lie
to sing gaane ke lie
to sit down neeche baithane ke lie
to sleep sone ke lie
to start shuroo karane ke lie
to stay rahane ke lie
to stop rok lena
to succeed saphal hone ke lie
to switch off band karana
to take lene ke lie
to talk baatacheet karana
to taste chakhana
to think sochane ke lie
to throw phenkana
to touch chhoona
to try prayaas karane ke lie
to turn mudana
to turn on chaaloo karane ke lie
to understand samajhane ke lie
to use upayog karane ke lie
to wait prateeksha karane ke lie
to wake up jaagrt karane ke lie
to walk paidal chalana
to want chaahane ke lie
to wash up dhona
to wear pahanane ke lie
to win baajee maarana
to work kaam karane ke lie
to write likhana

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