Essential Hindi Vocabulary: The calendar (days, months, seasons)

Hindi Vocabulary: The calendar (days, months, seasons)

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Want to learn the Hindi language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Hindi with their translation in English, on the topic of the calendar (days, months, seasons). Ideal to help you boost your Hindi vocabulary!

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DAYS OF THE WEEK saptaah ke din
Monday somavaar
Tuesday mangalavaar
Wednesday budhavaar
Thursday guruvaar
Friday shukravaar
Saturday shanivaar
Sunday ravivaar
THE MONTHS vo maheene
January janavaree
February faravaree
March maarch
April aprail
May maee
June joon
July julaee
August agast
September sitambar
October aktoobar
November navambar
December disambar
Spring vasant
Summer greeshm rtu
Autumn patajhad
Winter sardee
WHEN ? jab ?
before isase pahale
after baad mein
soon jald hee
this month is maheene
this year is saal
this week is saptaah
from time to time samay – samay par
already pahale se hee
today aaj
tomorrow kal
yesterday kal
last night pichhalee raat
the day before yesterday parason
a long time ago kaaphee samay pahale
a week ago ek haphte pahale
never kabhee naheen
next year aagaamee varsh
next time agalee baar
next week agale saptaah
next month agale maheene
last year pichhale saal
last month pichhale maheene
last week pichhale saptaah
in the morning subah mein
in the afternoon dopahar mein
in the evening shaam ko
the day din
now abhee va
later baad mein
immediately turant
sometimes kabhee-kabhee
rarely kabhee-kabhaar
recently haal hee mein
frequently baar-baar
often aksar
very often aksar
slowly dheere se
quickly turant
late svargeey
early jaldee
always hamesha
every day har din
right away bilkul abhee
all the time pure samay
all day long din bhar
a holiday ek avakaash
a month ek maheena
a year ek saal
an hour ek ghanta
a minute ek minat
a week ek saptaah

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