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Croatian Greetings and Introductions

– Essential words and phrases to know –


Learn the essentials of Croatian easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words and phrases used in Croatian for greetings and Introductions, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Croatian by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Croatian vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Hello zdravo
Good morning! Dobro jutro!
Good afternoon! Dobar dan!
Hi bok
Good evening dobra večer
Good night laku noć
Sleep well lijepo spavaj
How are you? Kako si?
I’m fine, thank you. Dobro sam, hvala.
How about you? A ti?
Nice to meet you. Drago mi je.
Nice to meet you too. Drago mi je.
Likewise također
It’s good to see you. Lijepo te je vidjeti.
Nice to see you again. Lijepo te je ponovno vidjeti.
Pleased to meet you. Drago mi je.
How nice to see you! Kako te je lijepo vidjeti!
What’s up? Što ima?
What brings you here? Što vas dovodi ovdje?
When you’re leaving
Goodbye Doviđenja
I hope we’ll meet again. Nadam se da ćemo se opet sresti.
I’ve got to go. Moram ići.
It was good meeting you. Bilo je lijepo upoznati te.
It was great seeing you again. Bilo je lijepo ponovno te vidjeti.
It was great to catch up! Bilo je super nadoknaditi!
See you again sometime. Vidimo se opet nekad.
See you in the morning Vidimo se ujutro
See you later Vidimo se kasnije
See you soon Vidimo se uskoro
See you tomorrow Vidimo se sutra
See you tonight Vidimo se večeras
Sleep well lijepo spavaj
Take care. Čuvaj se.
Other greetings
Bless you Blago tebi
Cheers! Živjeli!
Farewell Doviđenja
Good luck! Sretno!
Talk to you soon Čujemo se uskoro
Welcome Dobrodošli
Well done! Dobro napravljeno!

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