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Learn Arabic Vocabulary: Colors and shapes

Arabic Vocabulary List: Colors and shapes

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Want to learn the Arabic language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Arabic with their translation in English on the topic of colors and shapes. Ideal to help you boost your Arabic vocabulary!

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THE COLORS الألوان al-alwan
a color لون lone
white أبيض abid
black أسود aswad
gray رمادي ramadi
yellow أصفر osfer
orange برتقالي pertkali
green أخضر akhdar
blue أزرق azraq
red أحمر ahmar
brown أسمر asmar
beige بيج peg
purple بنفسجي benfesji
mauve البنفسجي al-banfesji
pink وردي wardi
dark داكن dakin
golden ذهبي dhahabi
silver فضة fedda
THE SHAPES الأشكال al-ashkal
a pyramid هرم horom
a square مربع marba
a circle دائرة daira
a triangle مثلث muthalth
a rectangle مستطيل mustatil
a star نجم najem
a line خط khat
an arrow سهم sahm
a heart قلب qalab
a crescent هلال helal

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