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Arabic Vocabulary List: Family and friends

Arabic Vocabulary List: Family and friends

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Want to learn the Arabic language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Arabic with their translation in English on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Arabic vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather الجد الأكبر al-jed al-akbar
the great grandmother الجدة الكبرى al-jadda al-kubra
the grandfather الجد al-jed
the grandmother الجدة al-jadda
the grandson الحفيد al-hafid
the granddaughter الحفيدة al-hafida
the grandchildren الأحفاد al-ahfad
the father الأب al-ab
the mother الأم al-am
the parents الوالدان waldan
the child الطفل al-tafl
the children الأطفال al-atfal
the son الابن al-aban
the daughter الابنة al-abna
a baby طفل رضيع tafel razie
a teenager مراهق morahaq
the adults الكبار al-kabar
the brother الأخ al-akh
the sister الأخت al-akht
half-brother أخ غير شقيق och ger shakik
half-sister أخت غير شقيقة akhat ger shoqeiqa
a twin توأم tom
the uncle العم al-am
the aunt العمة ama
the cousin ابن العم aben al-am
the cousin ابن العم aben al-am
the nephew ابن الأخ aben al-akh
the niece ابنة الأخت abna al-akht
a friend صديق seddik
the boyfriend الصديق seddik
the girlfriend الصديقة seddika
the fiancé الخطيب khatib
the groom العريس al-aris
the husband الزوج alzog
the wife الزوجة al-zouja
the parents-in-law والدا الزوج walda alzog
father-in-law حم ham
the mother-in-law حماتها hamatha
the brother-in-law صهر sahr
the sister-in-law أخت الزوج akhat alzog
the son-in-law صهر sahr
the daughter-in-law زوجة الابن zoga al-aban
a family member أحد أفراد العائلة ahad afrad alailah
adopted اعتمدت aatemdat
only son الابن الوحيد al-aban al-wahid

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