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Korean Greetings and Introductions

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Learn the essentials of Korean easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words and phrases used in Korean for greetings and Introductions, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Korean by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Korean vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Hello 안녕하십니까 annyeonghasibnikka
Good morning! 좋은 아침! joh-eun achim!
Good afternoon! 안녕하세요! annyeonghaseyo!
Hi 안녕 annyeong
Good evening 좋은 저녁이에요 joh-eun jeonyeog-ieyo
Good night 안녕히 주무세요 annyeonghi jumuseyo
Sleep well 잘 자 jal ja
How are you? 잘 지내고 있나요? jal jinaego issnayo?
I’m fine, thank you. 난 괜찮아, 고마워. nan gwaenchanh-a, gomawo.
How about you? 당신은 어떤가요? dangsin-eun eotteongayo?
Nice to meet you. 만나서 반갑습니다. mannaseo bangabseubnida.
Nice to meet you too. 저도 만나서 반가워요. jeodo mannaseo bangawoyo.
Likewise 비슷하게 biseushage
It’s good to see you. 만나서 반갑습니다. mannaseo bangabseubnida.
Nice to see you again. 다시 뵈서 좋네요. dasi boeseo johneyo.
Pleased to meet you. 만나서 반갑습니다. mannaseo bangabseubnida.
How nice to see you! 만나서 반갑습니다! mannaseo bangabseubnida!
What’s up? 무슨 일이야? museun il-iya?
What brings you here? 여기에서 당신을 제공합니다? yeogieseo dangsin-eul jegonghabnida?
When you’re leaving
Goodbye 안녕 annyeong
I hope we’ll meet again. 우리가 다시 만날 수 있기를 바랍니다. uliga dasi mannal su issgileul balabnida.
I’ve got to go. 가야 해요. gaya haeyo.
It was good meeting you. 만나서 반가웠습니다. mannaseo bangawossseubnida.
It was great seeing you again. 다시 만나 반가웠습니다. dasi manna bangawossseubnida.
It was great to catch up! 따라잡기 좋았어요! ttalajabgi joh-ass-eoyo!
See you again sometime. 언젠가 다시 보자. eonjenga dasi boja.
See you in the morning 아침에 봐 achim-e bwa
See you later 나중에 봐요 najung-e bwayo
See you soon 곧 봐요 god bwayo
See you tomorrow 내일 봐요 naeil bwayo
See you tonight 오늘 밤에 보자 oneul bam-e boja
Sleep well 잘 자 jal ja
Take care. 잘 지내세요. jal jinaeseyo.
Other greetings
Bless you 축복합니다 chugboghabnida
Cheers! 건배! geonbae!
Farewell 작별 jagbyeol
Good luck! 행운을 빕니다! haeng-un-eul bibnida!
Talk to you soon 곧 얘기해 god yaegihae
Welcome 어서 오십시오 eoseo osibsio
Well done! 잘했어요! jalhaess-eoyo!

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