Korean Vocabulary List • Colors and shapes

Korean Vocabulary: Colors and shapes

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Want to learn the Korean language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Korean with their translation in English, on the topic of colors and shapes. Ideal to help you boost your Korean vocabulary!

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THE COLORS 색상 saeksang
a color 칼라 collar
white 하얀 hayan
black 검정 geomjeong
gray 회색 hoesaek
yellow 황색 hwangsaek
orange 오렌지 oranges
green 녹색 noksaek
blue 파랑 parang
red 빨강 ppalgang
brown 갈색 galsaek
beige 베이지색의 beijisaegui
purple 보라색 borasack
mauve 연보라 inbora
pink 분홍색 bunhongsaek
dark 어둠 eodum
golden 황금의 hwanggeumui
silver eun
THE SHAPES 모양 moyang
a pyramid 피라미드 pyrammmid
a square 정사각형 jeongsagak
a circle won
a triangle 삼각형 sangak
a rectangle 직사각형 jiksagakhyung
a star byul
a line 라인 rhein
an arrow 화살표 hwasalpyo
a heart 하트 hat
a crescent 초승달 choseungdal

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