The 100 Most Common Filipino Verbs

100 Most common Filipino verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Filipino language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Filipino with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Filipino vocabulary!

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to accept upang tanggapin
to add magdagdag
to allow payagan
to answer para sagutin
to arrive dumating
to ask magtanong
to be maging
to become upang maging
to believe maniwala
to break baliin
to bring dalhin
to buy bilhin
to call tawagan
to change baguhin
to choose pumili
to clean maglinis
to close isara
to come darating
to come back bumalik
to continue upang magpatuloy
to cook magluto
to count bilangin
to cry para umiyak
to cut gupitin
to decide upang magpasya
to do gagawin
to drive mag-maneho
to eat kumain
to enter para pumasok
to exist para mabuhay
to explain upang ipaliwanag ang
to fall mahulog
to fall asleep upang makatulog
to find hanapin
to finish tapusin
to fly lumipad
to follow upang sundin
to forget kalimutan
to get off para bumaba
to get out para makalabas
to give magbigay
to go pumunta
to have upang magkaroon
to hear para marinig
to help para tumulong
to hold hawakan
to keep upang mapanatili ang
to know para malaman
to laugh tumawa
to learn para matuto
to leave para umalis
to listen para makinig
to live para mabuhay
to look like para magmukhang
to look tumingin
to lose mawala
to love magmahal
to make gumawa
to meet makipagkita
to need kailangan
to open buksan
to pay magbayad
to play maglaro
to prepare maghanda
to prevent iwasan
to put upang ilagay
to read upang basahin
to recall para alalahanin
to receive upang makatanggap
to recognize para makilala
to refuse tumanggi
to remember para maalala
to repeat upang ulitin
to rest magpahinga
to return upang bumalik
to run tumakbo
to say para sabihin
to search upang maghanap
to see upang makita
to sell ibenta
to send ipadala
to shoot barilin
to show ipakita
to sing kumanta
to sit down para maupo
to sleep matulog
to start upang simulan ang
to stay manatili
to stop para huminto
to succeed para magtagumpay
to switch off upang isara
to take para kunin
to talk magsalita
to taste sa panlasa
to think magisip
to throw itapon
to touch hawakan
to try subukan
to turn upang lumiko
to turn on upang i-on
to understand maintindihan
to use gamitin
to wait ang mag hintay
to wake up para magising
to walk maglakad
to want sa gusto
to wash up upang maligo
to wear isuot
to win para manalo
to work magtrabaho
to write magsulat ng

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