The Most Common Adjectives in Romanian

100 Most common Romanian adjectives list

– Basic & Useful adjectives list –


Want to learn the Romanian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful adjectives in Romanian with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Romanian vocabulary!

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a lot mult
accurate precis
bad rău
beautiful frumos
big mare
boring plictisitor
brave curajos
broken spart
clumsy neîndemânatic
cold rece
colorful Colorat
comfortable confortabil
complicated complicat
crazy nebun
curious curios
cute drăguţ
dangerous periculos
dark întunecat
dead mort
deep adânc
delicious delicios
different diferit
dirty murdar
disgusting dezgustător
dry uscat
easy ușor
edible comestibil
effective eficace
elegant elegant
empty gol
excellent excelent
excited entuziasmat
exciting Interesant
famous celebru
far departe
fast repede
first prim
forbidden interzis
friendly amical
full plin
fun distracție
funny distractiv
good bun
great minunat
heavy greu
high înalt
honest cinstit
huge imens
immediate imediat
important important
impossible imposibil
incredible incredibil
innocent nevinovat
intelligent inteligent
interesting interesant
international internațional
jealous gelos
lazy leneș
legal legal
long lung
many mulți
mysterious misterios
narrow îngust
necessary necesar
new nou
nice drăguţ
noisy zgomotos
official oficial
old vechi
open deschide
ordinary ordinar
passionate pasionat
patient pacient
perfect perfect
polluted Poluate
poor sărac
popular popular
possible posibil
powerful puternic
precious prețios
quiet liniștit
rare rar
rich bogat
romantic romantic
rotten putred
sad trist
scary înfricoșător
set apus
short scurt
shy timid
sick bolnav
silent tăcut
similar asemănător
simple simplu
slow încet
small mic
solid solid
special special
strange ciudat
strong puternic
stubborn încăpățânat
sympathetic Simpatic
tedious plictisitor
thick gros
thin subțire
tiny minuscul
tired obosit
traditional tradițional
unique unic
warm cald
weak slab
weird ciudat
wet ud
worst Cel mai rău
young tânăr

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