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Portuguese vocabulary list pdf – Useful Kitchen verbs

Portuguese words for beginners : Useful Kitchen verbs

– Essential vocabulary list –

Here’s a complete Portuguese verbs list about cooking. Increase your Portuguese vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful verbs list!




to add acrescentar
to add salt, pepper, spices (to season) adicionar sal, pimenta, especiarias (temporada)
to aromatize, to flavor aromatizar, dar sabor
to bake assar
to barbecue churrasco
to beat, to whisk (eggs) bater, bater (ovos)
to blanch branquear
to boil ferver
to boil eggs ferver os ovos
to boil, to scald ferver, escaldar
to braise braise
to bread, to coat with breadcrumbs ao pão, ao casaco com migalhas de pão
to bring to a simmer trazer em lume brando
to brown onions em cebolas marrons
to brown/ to fry lightly a marrom/ fritar levemente
to brush escovar
to butter manteiga
to carve (meat) entalhar (carne)
to chisel cinzel
to chop, to mince cortar, picar
to clean up limpar
to coat o casaco
to collect recolher
to colour colorir
to complete completar
to continue to continuar a
to cook cozinhar
to cool down se refrescar um pouco
to correct corrigir
to count contar
to cover cobrir
to crumble se desintegrar
to crush esmagar
to cut cortar
to cut into thin slices, to slice thinly, to chop cortar em fatias finas, cortar finamente, cortar
to debit débito
to debone debone
to decorate decorar
to deglaze deglaze
to desalinate dessalinizar
to detail em pormenor
to dice, to cube aos dados, ao cubo
to dilute diluir
to dip, to soak mergulhar, mergulhar
to discard deitar fora
to disgorge disgorge
to dispose dispor de
to dissolve se dissolver
to distribute, to divide distribuir, dividir
to do the dishes, to do the washing-up lavar a louça, lavar a louça
to drain drenar
to drain pasta drenar as massas
to drizzle with oil regar com óleo
to dry secar
to dry out secar fora
to dry up secar
to empty vazio
to emulsify emulsionar
to expand expandir
to fill in preencher os requisitos
to filter filtrar
to flambé flambé
to flatten achatar
to flavour with sauce ao sabor com molho
to flip virar
to flour a farinha
to frost geada
to fry fritar
to garnish enfeitar
to gather reunir
to get out sair
to get rid of se livrar de
to grab agarrar
to grate, to shred ralar, rasgar
to grease a baking tin with butter untar uma assadeira com manteiga
to grill grelhar
to grill fish grelhar os peixes
to grind moer
to gut (a fish, a chicken) gut (um peixe, uma galinha)
to halve reduzir metade
to hand over entregar
to heat aquecer
to incorporate incorporar
to infuse infusão
to keep warm se manter quente
to knead ajoelhar
to knead ajoelhar
to lay the table colocar na mesa
to loosen soltar
to lower the temperature reduzir as temperaturas
to macerate macerar
to mash amassar
to melt derreter
to mix misturar
to mix/ to stir misturar/ agitar
to mop up, to wipe (off) limpar, limpar (fora)
to oil petróleo
to open abrir
to pass passar
to paste colar
to peel descascar
to pepper pimenta
to perfume perfumar
to pinch beliscar
to pit pit
to place colocar
to place in the oven colocar no forno
to plunge mergulhar
to poach eggs roubar os ovos
to poach fish roubar peixes
to pose posar
to pour derramar
to powder em pó
to preheat the oven pré aquecer o forno
to prepare preparar
to prepare the meal preparar as refeições
to prepare, to make preparar, fazer
to present apresentar
to press pressionar
to protect proteger
to prune podar
to put colocar
to raise aumentar
to reduce reduzir
to refresh refrescar
to reheat, to warm up reaquecer, aquecer
to remove remover
to remove remover
to remove stems remover os caules
to reserve reservar
to rest descansar
to restart reiniciar
to restore restaurar
to return voltar
to rinse enxaguar
to roast assar
to roast assar
to roast meat em carne assar
to roll rolar
to rub esfregar
to salt ao sal
to scale em escala
to scoop out escavar fora
to scrape raspar
to sear procurar
to season temporada
to seed semente
to separate separar
to serve servir
to set a plate colocar um prato
to shake agitar
to shape dar forma
to share partilhar
to shell shell
to shred em pedaços
to sieve peneirar
to simmer ferver
to skim skim
to slice fatiar
to smooth suavizar
to soften amolecer
to sort classificar
to spill (a dish) derramar (um prato)
to spin girar
to split dividir
to sponge esponja
to spread espalhar
to sprinkle polvilhar
to steam vapor
to stew guisado
to sting picar
to stir agitar
to stir-fry vegetables fritar os legumes
to store armazenar
to strain forçar
to stuff coisas
to take tomar
to taste a gosto
to thicken engrossar
to thin a sauce emagrecer um molho
to thin out the leaves emagrecer as folhas
to throw, to discard jogar, descartar
to tidy arrumar
to tie amarrar
to tie up amarrar
to tighten apertar
to tilt inclinar
to toast brindar
to trim aparar
to turn virar
to turn down the heat baixar o lume baixo
to turn up the heat aumentar o calor do
to unmould sem ser chamado
to unravel desvendar
to unshell unshell
to upholster estofos
to warm aquecer
to wash lavar
to water a água
to weigh pesar
to whip chicotear
to whip (up) the eggwhites chicotear (cima) os eggwhites
to wipe (to clean with a sponge) limpar (limpar com uma esponja)
to wrap up encerrar