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French Cooking verbs list

French cooking verbs list

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Want to learn the French language? Here’s a complete French vocabulary list about cooking verbs. Increase your French vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful words list!




to add ajouter
to add salt, pepper, spices (to season) assaisonner (sel, poivre, épices)
to aromatize, to flavor aromatiser
to bake faire cuire au four, gratiner
to barbecue faire cuire au feu de bois
to beat, to whisk (eggs) battre, fouetter (des œufs)
to blanch faire blanchir des légumes
to boil bouillir/ faire bouillir
to boil eggs faire des œufs à la coque
to boil, to scald ébouillanter
to braise braiser
to bread paner
to bring to a simmer faire frémir
to brown onions faire brunir des oignons
to brown/ to fry lightly faire revenir / faire rissoler/ dorer/ sauter/ poêler
to brush badigeonner
to butter beurrer
to carve (meat) découper de la viande
to chisel ciseler
to chop, to mince hacher (de la viande), émincer
to clean up nettoyer
to coat  napper, recouvrir
to coat with breadcrumbs       paner
to collect prélever
to colour colorer
to complete compléter
to continue to poursuivre
to cook cuisiner, faire cuire
to cool down refroidir
to correct rectifier
to count compter
to cover couvrir, recouvrir
to crumble émietter
to crush concasser, écraser
to cut couper
to cut into thin slices émincer
to debit débiter
to debone désosser
to decorate décorer
to deglaze déglacer
to desalinate dessaler
to detail détailler
to dice, to cube couper en cubes
to dilute délayer, diluer
to dip, to soak tremper
to discard  mettre de côté
to disgorge dégorger
to dispose disposer
to dissolve dissoudre
to distribute, to divide répartir
to do the dishes, to do the washing-up faire la vaisselle
to drain égoutter
to drain pasta égoutter les pâtes
to drizzle with oil arroser d’huile
to dry sécher
to dry out dessécher
to dry up essuyer la vaisselle
to empty vider
to emulsify émulsionner
to expand étendre
to fill in remplir
to filter filtrer
to flambé faire flamber
to flatten aplatir
to flavour with sauce agrémenter d’une sauce
to flip retourner
to flour fariner
to frost glacer
to fry  faire revenir dans l’huile, frire, poêler
to garnish garnir
to gather rassembler
to get out sortir
to get rid of débarrasser
to grab saisir
to grate, to shred râper
to grease a baking tin with butter beurrer un moule
to grill griller, faire griller
to grill fish faire griller du poisson
to grind moudre, piler, écraser
to gut (a fish, a chicken) vider (un poisson, un poulet)
to halve couper en deux
to hand over remettre
to heat  chauffer
to incorporate incorporer
to infuse infuser
to keep warm tenir au chaud
to knead malaxer
to knead pétrir
to lay the table mettre le couvert
to loosen détendre
to lower the temperature diminuer le feu
to macerate macérer
to mash  écraser, réduire en purée
to melt fondre / faire fondre
to mix mélanger
to mix/ to stir        mélanger
to mop up, to wipe (off) essuyer un liquide
to oil huiler
to open ouvrir
to pass passer
to paste coller
to peel  éplucher / peler
to pepper poivrer
to perfume parfumer
to pinch pincer
to pit dénoyauter
to place placer
to place in the oven enfourner
to plunge plonger
to poach eggs pocher des œufs
to poach fish pocher du poisson
to pose poser
to pour verser
to pour verser
to powder poudrer
to preheat the oven préchauffer le four
to prepare préparer
to prepare the meal préparer le repas
to prepare, to make confectionner
to present présenter
to press presser
to protect protéger
to prune tailler
to put mettre
to raise relever
to reduce réduire
to refresh rafraîchir
to reheat réchauffer
to remove ôter
to remove retirer
to remove stems équeuter
to reserve réserver
to rest reposer
to restart recommencer
to restore rétablir
to return revenir
to rinse rincer
to roast faire rôtir
to roast rôtir / torréfier
to roast meat faire rotir de la viande
to roll rouler
to rub frotter
to salt saler
to scale écailler
to scoop out évider
to scrape racler
to sear saisir à  feu vif
to season assaisonner
to seed épépiner
to separate séparer
to serve servir
to set a plate dresser
to shake remuer
to shape façonner
to share partager
to shell décortiquer
to shred effiler
to sieve tamiser
to sift  tamiser
to simmer Mijoter, faire mijoter / frémir
to skim écumer
to slice couper (en tranches) / découper/ trancher
to slice thinly, to chop émincer
to smooth lisser
to soften assouplir
to sort trier
to spill (a dish) renverser (un plat)
to spin essorer
to split fendre
to sponge éponger
to spread étaler
to sprinkle saupoudrer, parsemer
to steam étuver
to stew faire mijoter
to sting piquer
to stir remuer, mélanger
to stir-fry vegetables faire sauter des légumes à la poile
to store entreposer
to strain        égoutter
to stuff farcir, fourrer
to take prendre
to taste goûter
to thicken épaissir
to thin a sauce allonger une sauce
to thin out the leaves effeuiller
to throw, to discard jeter
to tidy ranger
to tie nouer
to tie up ficeler
to tighten serrer
to tilt rabattre
to toast faire griller du pain
to trim ébarber
to turn tourner
to turn down the heat baisser le feu
to turn up the heat monter le feu
to unmould démouler
to unravel effilocher
to unshell décoquiller
to upholster tapisser
to warm tiédir
to warm up réchauffer
to wash laver
to water arroser
to weigh peser
to whip fouetter
to whip (up) the eggwhites  battre les blancs d’œufs en neige
to wipe (to clean with a sponge) essuyer, éponger
to wrap up envelopper

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