Useful Armenian Vocabulary – Contrary Words

Learn Armenian Vocabulary: Contrary words

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Armenian with their translation in English, on the topic of contrary words. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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young yeritasard
old hin
empty datark
full li
vertical ughghahayats’
horizontal horizonakan
useful ogtakar
useless anogut
a city mi k’aghak’
a village gyugh
a question mi harts’
an answer pataskhan
sad tkhur
happy yerjanik
all bolory
nothing voch’inch’
a teacher usuts’ich’
a student usanogh
early vagh
late ushats’ats
open bats’el
closed p’akvats
first arrajin
last verjin
secure apahov
dangerous vtangavor
near mot
far herru
sugar shak’aravaz
salt agh
dry ch’vor
wet t’ats’
often hachakh
rarely hazvadep
always misht
never yerbek’
same nuyny
different tarber
dirty keghtot
clean mak’ur
the evening yerekon
the morning arravot
small p’vok’r
large mets
rich harust
poor aghk’at
the ceiling arrastaghy
the floor hataky
animal kendani
human mard
guilty meghavor
innocent anmegh
here aystegh
there ayntegh
hunger k’aghts’
the thirst tsaravy
the sun arev
the moon lusiny
the sister k’uyry
the brother yeghbayry
slow dandagh
fast arag
before nakhk’an
after heto
heavy tsanr
light luys
old hin
new nor
easy hesht
difficult dzhvar
start sksel
finish avartel
friend ynker
enemy t’shnami
yesterday yerek
tomorrow vaghy
cold ts’urt
hot tak’
right chisht
left dzakh
a woman kin
a man mi mard
inside nersum
outside drsum
strong uzhegh
weak t’uyl
soft p’ap’uk
hard dzhvar
a lot shat
a little mi k’ich’
up verev
down nerk’ev
exactly chisht
probably havanabar
married amusnats’ats
single miaynak
noisy aghmkot
quiet hangist
complicated bard
simple parz
now hima
later aveli ush
long yerkar
short karch
interesting hetak’rk’ir
boring dzandzrali
normal normal
strange tarorinak
outside drsum
inside nersum
the entrance mutk’y
the exit yelk’y
white spitak
black sev
expensive t’ankarzhek’
cheap ezhan
to walk k’aylel
to run vazel
to attach kts’el
to detach anjatel
to go up bardzranal
to go down ijnel
to increase metsats’nel
to decrease nvazets’nel
to stop kangnel
to continue sharunakel
to take off hanel
to land vayrejk’ katarel
to put on hagnel
to remove herrats’nel
to move forward arraj sharzhvel
to move back het sharzhvel
to forget morranal
to remember hishel
to show ts’uyts’ tal
to hide t’ak’ts’nel
to save pahpanel
to spend tsakhsel
to build karruts’el
to destroy voch’nch’ats’nel
to arrive zhamanel
to leave herranal
to enter mtnel
to go out durs gal
to laugh tsitsaghel
to cry lats’el
to sell vacharrel
to buy gnel
to break kotrel
to repair veranorogel
to lend partk’ tal
to borrow partk’ov verts’nel
to earn vastakel
to lose korts’nel
to slow down dandaghets’nel
to speed up aragats’nel
to search voronel
to find gtnel
to pull k’ashel
to push hrel
to take verts’nel
to give tal
to wake up art’nanal
to fall asleep k’nel
to hold pahel
to let go bats’ t’voghnel
to turn on miats’nel
to turn off anjatel
to sell vacharrel
to buy gnel
to send ugharkel
to receive stanal

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