Learn Armenian Vocabulary: Travel and tourism

Armenian Vocabulary: Travel and tourism

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Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Armenian with their translation in English, on the topic of travel and tourism. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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travel chanaparhordut’yun
tourism zbosashrjut’yun
a hotel hyuranots’
on time zhamanakin
late ushats’ats
the airport odanavakayany
landing vayrejk’
take-off hanel
the air conditioning odorakich’y
the distance herravorut’yun
the customs sovoruyt’nery
the border sahmany
the train station gnats’k’i kayaran
the bus station avtokayany
a ticket toms
the reception yndunelut’yuny
the reservation amragrumy
the road chanaparh
a highway mi mayrughi
the plane ink’nat’irry
by plane ink’nat’irrov
the bus avtobusy
the taxi tak’sin
the train gnats’k’y
the car avtomek’ena
a helicopter ughghat’irr
the sign nshany
the parking lot avtokayanateghin
the passport andznagiry
the seat nstateghy
the toilet zugaran
the sunglasses arevayin aknots’nery
a key banali
a camera tesakhts’ik
one way ticket toms arrants’ hetadardzi
a return ticket veradardzi toms
a ticket office tomsarkgh
an accommodation kats’aran
a pillow bardz
a blanket mi vermak
a sleeping bag k’napark
a luggage mi ugheberr
a bag mi payusak
a backpack usapark
an information teghekatvut’yun
a tourist zbosashrjik
a vaccine patvastanyut’
an insurance apahovagrut’yun
a postcard bats’ik
an itinerary yert’ughi
a destination npatakaket
a flashlight lapter
an electrical outlet elektrakan vardakits’
a tent vran
a suitcase mi champruk
to visit ayts’elel
to travel champ’vordel, chanaparhordel
to rent vardzakalel
to leave herranal
to cancel ch’eghyal hamarel
to cancel a reservation amragrumy ch’egharkelu hamar
to photograph lusankarel
the wind k’amin
the snow dzyuny
the rain andzrevy
the storm p’vot’vorik
the sun arev
the sea tsovy
a mountain mi sar
a lake mi lich
a national park azgayin park
a country mi yerkir
a forest mi antarr
a cave k’arandzav
an island kghzi
a beach mi loghap’
the nature bnut’yuny
the landscape landshafty
sun cream arevapashtpan k’suk’
a towel srbich’

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