Learn Armenian Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

Armenian Vocabulary: The human body, head and face

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Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Armenian with their translation in English, on the topic of the human body, head and face. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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the head ghekavar
the face demk’y
the mouth berany
the throat kokordy
the cheek ayty
the tongue lezun
the lips shurt’ery
the jaw tsnoty
the neck paranots’y
the forehead chakaty
the chin kzaky
the nose k’it’y
the hair mazer
the eyes ach’k’ery
a tooth mi atam
the hair mazer
an ear akanj
a mustache mi begh
a beard mi moruk’
the skin mashky
the shoulder usy
the forearm nakhabazuky
the wrist dastaky
an arm mi t’ev
the arms zenk’ery
the elbow armunky
a hand dzerrk’y
a thumb but’ maty
the fingers matnery
the belly p’vory
the chest krtsk’avandaky
the back mejk’y
the breasts krtsk’ery
the buttocks hetuyk’y
the foot votk’y
the heel garshapary
the knee tsunky
the leg votk’y
the thigh azdry
a toe mi mat
the stomach stamok’sy
the brain ugheghy
the lungs t’vok’ery
the skeleton kmakhk’y
a bone mi voskor
the skull gangy
a muscle mkan

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