Portuguese vocabulary list pdf – The five senses

The five senses

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Here’s a complete Portuguese vocabulary list about the five senses. Increase your Portuguese vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful Portuguese words list!


colorblind daltónico
astigmatism astigmatismo
bright brilhante
dazzling deslumbrante
the eye exam o exame da visão
the dark, the darkness a escuridão
the cornea a córnea
the color a cor
the eye’s color a cor do olho
the magnifying glass a lupa
the light a luz
the blind person a pessoa cega
the pupil a pupila
the retina a retina
the vision a visão
the night vision a visão nocturna
the sight a vista
the view, the panorama a vista, o panorama
the braille o Braille
the guide dog o cão guia
the microscope o microscópio
the look o olhar
the telescope o telescópio
the binoculars as gémeas
the contact lenses, the contacts as lentes de contacto
the glasses os óculos
the sunglasses os óculos de sol
the polarized sunglasses os óculos de sol polarizados
the eyes os olhos
brightness brilho
nearsighted míope
black and white preto e branco
to appear aparecer
to blind cegar
to blink piscar os olhos
to catch a glimpse of para vislumbrar
to dazzle deslumbrar
to disappear desaparecer
to examine examinar
to glance at a ver
to light up acender
to look at olhar para
to observe observar
to peek at a ver
to reappear reaparecer
to see ver
to squint olhar de relance
to stare at olhar para
to study closely estudar de perto
to watch olhar para
to watch tv ver televisão
to wink piscar o olho
audible audível
deafening ensurdecedor
hearing audição
acute hearing audição aguda
buzzing zumbido
loud, noisy barulhento
crackling estalo
low débil
low-pitched grave
creaking ranger
the hearing aid o auxiliar auditivo
the echo o eco
the explosion a explosão
the intercom o intercomunicador
the song a canção
the radio o rádio
the voice a voz
the noise o ruído
the headphones o capacete
the loudspeaker o altifalante
the MP3 player o leitor MP3
the sound barrier a parede do som
the whisper o sussurro
the silence o silêncio
the sound o som
the thunder o trovão
CD player leitor de CD
the earplugs os tampões auditivos
the earphones os auscultadores
the ears os ouvidos
Hearing-impaired surdo
melodious melodioso
sharp, high-pitched pontiagudo, agudo
silent silencioso
ringing toque
deaf surdo
to hum cantarolar
to thunder trovejar
to rustle nevar
to sing cantar
to whisper sussurrar
to creak quebrar
to listen to escutar
to hear ouvir
to be silent/quiet ser silencioso/ silencioso
to buzz dar nas vistas
to snore ressonar
to prick up one’s ears picar as orelhas
to whistle assobiar
to ring tocar
to deafen surdos
hot quente
soft suave
hard duro
fluffy fofo
numb entorpecido
the skin a pele
the handshake o aperto de mão
the fingertips a ponta dos dedos
the stroke o golpe
the cold o frio
smooth liso
rough áspero
silky sedoso
to knock, to hit bater
to rub esfregar
to scratch coçar
to stroke, to caress acariciar, acariciar
to tickle fazer cócegas
to touch tocar
to warm aquecer
the appetite o apetite
sour ácido
bitter amargo
appetizing apetitoso
delicious delicioso
sweet suave
spicy picante
strong forte
horrible horrível
tasteless insípido
mouthwatering água na boca
the mouth a boca
the tongue a língua
the saliva a saliva
the flavor, the taste o gosto
the taste buds as papilas gustativas
disgusting repugnante
salty salgado
to swallow engolir
to chew mastigar
to drink beber
to eat comer
to gobble(up) engolir
to lick lamber
to salt salgar
to savour saborear
to sip para beber
to sweeten adoçar
to taste lanchar
the fragrance, the perfume o perfume
pungent áspero
smoky com fumo
odorless inodoro
the aroma o aroma
the scent, the smell, the odour o cheiro
the smoke o fumo
the stench o fedor
the nose o nariz
the fragrance o perfume
the nostrils as narinas
scented perfumado
stinking fedorento
to be fragrant ser perfumado
to perfume perfumar
to smell sentir
to smell bad cheirar mal
to smell nice cheirar bem
to sniff cheirar
to stink cheirar mal
It feels soft É doce
It’s dark here Está escuro aqui dentro
It makes my mouth water Dá-me cabo da boca
It’s tasteless Não tem qualquer sabor
It smells good Cheira bem
It’s stuffy in here Há algo de errado
It smells bad Há algo de errado
This cake tastes funny Este bolo tem um sabor estranho
This tea tastes of mint Este chá sabe a menta
I heard something Eu ouvi uma coisa
I don’t usually wear perfume Normalmente não uso perfume
Look at this Olha para isto
Look at me Olha para mim


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