Portuguese vocabulary list pdf – Family and friends

Family members in Portuguese

馃嚨馃嚬 Complete Portuguese vocabulary list 馃嚨馃嚬

Here鈥檚 a complete Portuguese vocabulary list about the Family members. Increase your Portuguese vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful Portuguese words list!


the great-grandfather o bisav么
great grandmother a bisav贸
grandfather / grandpa o av么/ o av么
grandmother / grandma av贸/av贸
the Grand son o neto
the girl a neta
grandchildren os netos
father / dad pai/ pai
mother / mother m茫e/ m茫e
the parents os pais
the child a crian莽a
children as crian莽as
the son o filho
the girl a rapariga
the baby o beb茅
the teenager o adolescente
the adults os adultos
brother o irm茫o
sister a irm茫
the half-brother o meio-irm茫o
the half-sister a meia-irm茫
the twin o g茅meo
the uncle o tio
the aunt a tia
the cousin o primo
cousin a prima
the nephew o sobrinho
the niece a sobrinha
the friend o namorado
girlfriend a namorada
the fianc茅 / fianc茅e o noivo/noiva
the groom o noivo
husband / husband o marido/ marido
the wife a mulher/ esposa
the in-laws os sogros
step-father o padrasto
the mother-in-law a madrasta
the brother-in-law o cunhado
step sister a cunhada
son-in-law / stepson o genro/ enteado
the beautiful girl a rapariga bonita
the Godfather o padrinho
the godmother a madrinha
the godchild o afilhado
the goddaughter a afilhada
the family member o membro da fam铆lia
brother and sister irm茫o e irm茫
adopted ad optado
only child filho 煤nico


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