The 100 Most Common Armenian Verbs

100 Most common Armenian verbs list

– Basic & Useful verbs list –


Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful verbs in Armenian with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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to accept yndunel
to add avelats’nel
to allow t’uyl tal
to answer pataskhanel
to arrive zhamanel
to ask harts’nel, khndrel
to be linel
to become darrnal
to believe havatal
to break kotrel
to bring berel
to buy gnel
to call zangel
to change p’vokhel
to choose yntrel
to clean mak’rel
to close p’akel
to come gal
to come back veradarrnal
to continue sharunakel
to cook patrastel
to count hashvel
to cry lats’el
to cut ktrel
to decide petk’ e voroshi
to do anel
to drive varel
to eat utel
to enter mtnel
to exist goyut’yun unenal
to explain bats’atrel
to fall ynknel
to fall asleep k’nel
to find gtnel
to finish avartel
to fly t’rrch’el
to follow hetevel
to forget morranal
to get off ijnel
to get out durs gal
to give tal
to go gnal
to have unenal
to hear lsel
to help ognel
to hold pahel
to keep pahel
to know imanal
to laugh tsitsaghel
to learn sovorel
to leave herranal
to listen lsel
to live aprel
to look like nman linel
to look nayel
to lose korts’nel
to love sirel
to make anel
to meet handipel
to need karik’ unenal
to open bats’el
to pay vcharel
to play khaghal
to prepare patrastvel
to prevent kankhel
to put dnel
to read kardal
to recall hishel
to receive stanal
to recognize chanach’el
to refuse hrazharvel
to remember hishel
to repeat krknel
to rest hangstanal
to return veradarrnal
to run vazel
to say asel
to search voronel
to see tesnel
to sell vacharrel
to send ugharkel
to shoot krakel
to show ts’uyts’ tal
to sing yergel
to sit down nstel
to sleep k’nel
to start sksel
to stay mnal
to stop kangnel
to succeed hajoghut’yan hasnel
to switch off anjatel
to take verts’nel
to talk khosel
to taste p’vordzel
to think mtatsel
to throw netel
to touch e dipch’el
to try p’vordzel
to turn shrjel
to turn on miats’nel
to understand haskanal
to use ogtagortsel
to wait spasel
to wake up art’nanal
to walk k’aylel
to want ts’ankanal
to wash up lvanal
to wear hagnvel
to win haght’el
to work ashkhatel
to write grel

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