Basic Armenian words for beginners

Basic Armenian words for beginners

– Essential words to know –


Learn the essentials of Armenian easily with this vocabulary list that contains all the most basic words used in Armenian, with their english translations. If you’re a beginner, it will come in handy to review or learn Armenian by yourself before traveling, or if you want to enrich and improve your Armenian vocabulary to better express yourself in writing and speaking!

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Please Khndrum yem
Thank you! Shnorhakalut’yun!
Sorry!  Neroghut’yun!
What? Inch’?
Who? AHK?
When? Yerb?
Why? Inch’vo՞w.
Which? VO՞ry.
How? Inch’pe՞s:
Where ? Vortegh ?
How much ? Inch’k’an ?
Yes Ayo՛
No  Voch’
Maybe Miguts’e
Of course Iharke
something inch’ – vor ban
nothing voch’inch’
somebody inch’-vor mekin
nobody voch’ vok’
before nakhk’an
after heto
far herru
near mot
here aystegh
there ayntegh
today aysor
tomoorow vaghy
now hima
man mard
woman kin
friend ynker
more avelin
less aveli k’ich’
always misht
later aveli ush
never yerbek’
same nuyny
different tarber
small p’vok’r
large mets
difficult dzhvar
easy hesht
hot tak’
cold ts’urt
yesterday yerek
after heto
beautiful geghets’ik
broken kotrvats
free anvchar
a pharmacy deghatun
money p’vogh
a bag mi payusak
a lighter krakayrich’
a cigarette mi sigaret
a bottle shish
soap ocharr
clean mak’ur
dirty keghtot
a trash can aghbaman
a trash bag aghbi toprak
the silence lrrut’yuny
a tool gortsik’
pregnant hghi
sick hivand
a baby yerekha
a little bit mi k’ich’
a doctor mi bzhishk
a dentist atamnabuyzh
a medicine mi deghamijots’
a book Girk’
a story mi patmut’yun
a phone herrakhos
a computer hamakargich’
a car mek’ena
a plane Ink’nat’irr
the name anuny
the adress hasts’en
the age tarik’y
the nationality azgut’yuny
a choice yntrut’yun
an answer pataskhan
the key banalin
the light luysy
the television herrustatesut’yuny
the bed mahchakal
the house tuny
the shower ts’nts’ughy
the window patuhany
the door durry
the table seghany
tired hognats
water jur
open bats’el
closed p’akvats
clothes hagust
coffee surch
tea t’ey
lunch lanch’
dinner ynt’rik’
a fruit mi mirg
a vegetable banjareghen
a beverage ympelik’
a child mi yerekha
rain andzrev
the entrance mutk’y
the exit yelk’y
music yerazhshtut’yun
a smile zhpit
the world ashkharhy
the sky yerkink’y
a river get
the sea tsovy
the mountain sary
the lake lichy
the island kghzin
the beach loghap’

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