Learn Armenian Vocabulary: Family and friends

Armenian Vocabulary: Family and friends

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Armenian with their translation in English, on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather nakhapapy
the great grandmother mets tatiky
the grandfather papy
the grandmother tatiky
the grandson t’vorry
the granddaughter t’vorrnuhin
the grandchildren t’vorrnery
the father hayry
the mother mayry
the parents tsnoghnery
the child yerekhan
the children yerekhanery
the son vordin
the daughter dustry
a baby yerekha
a teenager mi derrahas
the adults metsahasaknery
the brother yeghbayry
the sister k’uyry
half-brother khort’ yeghbayr
half-sister kes k’uyr
a twin yerkvoryak
the uncle horeghbayry
the aunt morak’uyry
the cousin zarmiky
the cousin zarmiky
the nephew yeghborordin
the niece zarmuhin
a friend ynker
the boyfriend ynkerojy
the girlfriend ynkeruhin
the fiancé p’esats’un
the groom p’esan
the husband amusiny
the wife kiny
the parents-in-law khnaminery
father-in-law aner, skesrayr
the mother-in-law skesury
the brother-in-law khnamin
the sister-in-law k’uyry
the son-in-law p’esan
the daughter-in-law harsy
a family member yntanik’i andam
adopted yndunvats
only son miak vordi

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