How to Say Hello in Vietnamese (with Pronunciation)

How to Say Hello in Vietnamese (with Pronunciation) 🇻🇳👋

Are you ready to greet people in Vietnamese with confidence? Learning how to say hello in Vietnamese is the perfect way to start conversations and make new friends.

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to pronounce different Vietnamese greetings and provide plenty of examples to help you practice. Let’s get started and spread some Vietnamese hospitality with our hellos! 🌟

1. Xin chào (sin chow) – Hello

  • Example: Xin chào, bạn! (Hello, friend!)

2. Chào bạn (chow bahn) – Hello

  • Example: Chào bạn, tôi là Minh. (Hello, I’m Minh.)

3. Xin chào bạn (sin chow bahn) – Hello

  • Example: Xin chào bạn, bạn khỏe không? (Hello, how are you?)

4. Chào anh (chow ang) – Hello (to a male)

  • Example: Chào anh, anh có khỏe không? (Hello, are you well?)

5. Chào chị (chow chee) – Hello (to an older female)

  • Example: Chào chị, chị có khỏe không? (Hello, how are you?)

6. Chào em (chow em) – Hello (to a younger person or someone of equal age)

  • Example: Chào em, em tên là Lan đúng không? (Hello, your name is Lan, right?)

7. Xin chào mọi người (sin chow moy ngoo-ee) – Hello everyone

  • Example: Xin chào mọi người, hôm nay bạn có vui không? (Hello everyone, are you having a good day?)

8. Chào buổi sáng (chow buo-ee sang) – Good morning

  • Example: Chào buổi sáng, bạn đã ăn sáng chưa? (Good morning, have you had breakfast?)

9. Chào buổi trưa (chow buo-ee trua) – Good afternoon

  • Example: Chào buổi trưa, bạn đã ăn trưa chưa? (Good afternoon, have you had lunch?)

10. Chào buổi tối (chow buo-ee toy) – Good evening – Pronunciation: chow buo-ee toy – Example: Chào buổi tối, bạn đã ăn tối chưa? (Good evening, have you had dinner?)

Now that you’ve learned how to say hello in Vietnamese, you’re ready to greet people in any situation with confidence and warmth. Whether you’re meeting new friends, exploring the bustling streets of Vietnam, or simply spreading positivity in your daily interactions, these Vietnamese greetings will help you make a great impression and connect with others on a deeper level.

So go ahead, practice these hellos, and watch as your Vietnamese language skills open doors to new friendships and unforgettable experiences! 🌺🇻🇳🌟