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Basic Russian Vocabulary: Family and friends

Russian Vocabulary: Family and friends

– Useful words you should know –


Want to learn the Russian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful words in Russian with their translation in English, on the topic of family and friends. Ideal to help you boost your Russian vocabulary!

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the great-grandfather прадед praded
the great grandmother прабабушка prababushka
the grandfather дедушка dedushka
the grandmother бабушка babushka
the grandson внук vnuk
the granddaughter внучка vnuchka
the grandchildren внуки vnuki
the father отец otetz
the mother мать mat
the parents родителей roditelei
the child ребенок rebenok
the children дети deti
the son сын syn
the daughter дочь doch
a baby младенец mladenec
a teenager подросток podrostok
the adults взрослые vzroslye
the brother брат bratt
the sister сестра sestra
half-brother сводный брат svodny bratt
half-sister сводная сестра svodnaya sestra
a twin близнец bliznets
the uncle дядя dyadya
the aunt тетя tetya
the cousin двоюродный брат dvoyurodny bratt
the nephew племянник plemyannik
the niece племянница plemyannitsa
a friend друг drug
the boyfriend бойфренд beufrend
the girlfriend подруга podruga
the fiancé жених zhenikh
the groom жених zhenikh
the husband муж mouge
the wife жены zhena
the parents-in-law родители мужа roditeli muzha
father-in-law тесть test
the mother-in-law свекровь svekrov
the brother-in-law шурин shurin
the sister-in-law невестка nevestka
the son-in-law зять zyat
the daughter-in-law невестка nevestka
a family member член семьи chlen semyi
adopted принятый prinyatyy
only son единственный сын yedinstvenny syn

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