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Spanish vocabulary PDF list Useful Kitchen verbs

Spanish Words for Beginners : Useful Kitchen verbs

– Essential Vocabulary List –

Here’s a complete Spanish verbs list about cooking. Increase your Spanish vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful verbs list!




to add añadir
to add salt, pepper, spices (to season) sazonar (sal, pimienta, especias)
to aromatize, to flavor aromatizar
to bake hornear en el horno, gratiner
to barbecue cocinar en la hoguera
to beat, to whisk (eggs) batir, azotar (los huevos)
to blanch hacer blanquear las verduras
to boil hervir/ hacer hervir
to boil eggs hacer huevos con cáscara
to braise ardor
to bread, to coat with breadcrumbs paner
to bring to a simmer hacer estremecer
to brown onions hacer marrón cebollas
to brown/ to fry lightly rehogar a fuego lento
to brush untar
to butter untar con mantequilla
to carve (meat) cortar la carne
to chisel cincelar
to chop, to mince picado (de la carne), picado
to clean up limpiar
to coat mantel, cubrir con mantel
to collect recaudar
to colour colorear
to complete completar
to continue to continuar
to cook cocinar
to cool down enfriar
to correct rectificar
to count contar
to cover cubrir
to crumble desmenuzar
to crush triturar, aplastar
to cut cortar
to cut into thin slices emisar
to debit débitar
to debone deshuesar
to decorate decorar
to deglaze descongelar
to desalinate dessaler
to detail detallar
to dice, to cube cortar en cubos
to dilute, to dissolve disolver, diluir
to dip, to soak sumergirse
to discard dejar de lado
to disgorge desempolvar
to dispose disponer
to distribute, to divide repartir
to do the dishes, to do the washing-up hacer la vajilla
to drain escurrir
to drain pasta escurrir la pasta
to drizzle with oil regar con aceite
to dry up limpiar los platos
to dry, to dry out secar
to empty vaciar
to emulsify emulsionar
to expand extender
to fill in llenar
to filter filtrar
to flambé hacer flamber
to flatten aplanar
to flip volver
to flour harina
to frost helar
to fry freír en aceite, freír
to garnish imponer
to gather reunir
to get out salir
to get rid of eliminar
to grab aprovechamiento
to grate, to shred rallar
to grease a baking tin with butter untar con mantequilla un molde
to grill asar, asar a la parrilla
to grill fish asar pescado a la parrilla
to grind moler, apilar, aplastar
to gut (a fish, a chicken) vaciar (un pescado, un pollo)
to halve cortar por la mitad
to hand over entregar
to heat, to warm up calentar
to incorporate incorporar
to infuse infuser
to keep warm mantener el calor
to knead amasar
to knead malaxer
to lay the table poner la cubierta
to loosen relajar
to lower the temperature reducir el fuego
to macerate macerar
to mash aplastar, reducir en puré
to melt derretir/ derretir
to mix mezclar
to mop up, to wipe (off) limpiar un líquido
to oil aceitar
to open iniciar
to pass pasar
to paste pegar
to peel pelar/ pelar
to pepper pimentar, sazonar con pimienta
to perfume perfumar
to pinch pellizcar
to pit denunciar
to place colocar
to place in the oven hornear
to plunge bucear
to poach eggs escalfar los huevos
to poach fish escalfar pescado
to pose plantear
to pour pagar
to preheat the oven precaliente el horno
to prepare preparar
to prepare the meal preparar la comida
to prepare, to make confeccionar
to present presentar
to press presionar
to protect proteger
to prune podar
to put poner
to raise levantar
to reduce reducir
to refresh refrescar
to reheat recalentar
to remove quitar
to remove retire
to remove stems intentar
to reserve reservar
to rest descansar
to restart empezar de nuevo, reiniciar
to restore restaurar
to rinse enjuagar
to roast asador/ tostador
to roast asar
to roast meat hacer eructar la carne
to roll rodar
to rub frotar
to salt salar
to scale escamas
to scoop out eviscerar
to scrape raspar
to sear agarrar con fuego
to season condimentar
to seed esparcir
to separate separar
to serve servir
to shake agitar
to shape dar forma
to share compartir
to shell descascarillar
to shred afilar
to sieve atenuar
to simmer cocer, cocer a fuego lento/ estremecerse
to skim espumar
to slice cortar (en rodajas) / cortar/ cortar
to smooth alisar
to soften flexibilizar
to spill (a dish) volcar (un plato)
to spin girar
to split dividir
to sponge esponja
to spread untar
to sprinkle espolvorear
to steam etcétera
to stew cocer
to sting picar
to stir remover, mezclar
to stir-fry vegetables saltear verduras con guisantes
to store almacenar
to stuff rellenar
to take tomar
to taste probar
to thicken espesante
to thin a sauce alargar una salsa
to thin out the leaves borrón
to throw, to discard tirar
to tidy, to sort ordenar
to tie, to tie up atar
to tighten apretar
to tilt bajar
to toast hacer tostadas con pan
to trim ebarber
to turn girar
to turn down the heat bajar el fuego
to turn up the heat subir el fuego
to unmould desmoldear
to unravel deshilachar
to unshell decolorar
to upholster tapisser
to warm timbrar
to wash lavar
to water regar
to weigh peso
to whip azotar
to whip (up) the eggwhites batir las claras de huevo en nieve
to wipe (to clean with a sponge) limpiar, limpiar, limpiar
to wrap up envolver