The Most Common and Useful Armenian Adverbs

100 Most common Armenian adverbs list

– Basic & Useful adverbs list –


Want to learn the Armenian language? Here’s a complete list of the most basic, common and useful adverbs in Armenian with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Armenian vocabulary!

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about masin
absolutely bats’ardzakapes
accidentally patahabar
actively aktivoren
after heto
almost gret’e
also nuynpes
always misht
anytime ts’ankats’ats zhamanak
anywhere amenurek’
apparently yst yerevuyt’in
approximately motavorapes
around shurjy
automatically avtomat kerpov
barely haziv t’e
blindness kurut’yun
briefly hakirch
calmly hangist
carefully ushadir
cautiously zgushut’yamb
certainly anshusht
clearly hstakoren
comfortably harmaravet
commonly sovorabar
completely amboghjut’yamb
constantly anyndhat
correctly chisht
courageously hamardzakoren
curiously hetak’rk’rut’yamb
currently nerkayums
deliberately mitumnavor
delicately nrboren
desperately husahatoren
easily heshtut’yamb
elsewhere ayl tegh
enormously ahrreli ch’ap’ov
enough bavakan
everywhere amenur
exactly chisht
exceptionally bats’arrapes
extremely ch’ap’azants’
finally verjapes
formerly nakhkinum
fortunately barebakhtabar
frankly ankeghts asats
freely azatoren
hard dzhvar
here aystegh
honestly aznvoren
immediately anmijapes
inside nersum
lately verjers
long yerkar
loudly bardzradzayn
more avelin
mysteriously khorhrdavor kerpov
naturally bnakanabar
needlessly anteghi
never yerbek’
normally sovorabar
now hima
nowhere voch’ mi tegh
obviously aknhaytoren
often hachakh
only miayn
otherwise hakarrak depk’um
outside drsum
patiently hamberatar
perfectly kataryal
perhaps guts’e
personally andzamb
probably havanabar
quickly arag
quietly hangist
randomly patahakanoren
rarely hazvadep
really iskapes
repeatedly bazmits’s
right away anmijapes
separately arrandzin-arrandzin
seriously lrjoren
significantly zgalioren
silently lurr
simply parzapes
slightly t’et’evaki
slowly dandagh
sometimes yerbemn
somewhere inch’-vor tegh
soon shutov
standing kangnats
still derr
strangely tarorinak kerpov
strictly khstoren
strongly khist
stupidly himarabar
suddenly hankartsaki
surprisingly zarmanalioren
then apa
there ayntegh
together miasin
unfortunately ts’avok’ srti
upside down glkhivayr
usually sovorabar
very shat
well lav
wrongly skhal

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