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Italian verbs list PDF movement and action

Italian verbs of movement and action

– Essential Words for Beginners –

Want to learn the Italian language?ย  Hereโ€™s a complete list of the most common and useful verbs of movement and action in Italian with their translation in English. Ideal to help you boost your Italian vocabulary!




to accompany accompagnare
to accelerate accelerare
to advance per avanzare
to applaud applaudire
to approach approcciare
to arrive arrivare
to back off arretrare
to bend piegare
to bite mordere
to blink battere le palpebre
to blow soffiare
to break rompere
to breathe respirare
to bring portare
to bring back portare indietro
to build costruire
to carry portare
to catch catturare
to chew masticare
to choose scegliere
to climb scalare
to close chiudere
to come venire
to cook cucinare
to count contare
to crawl gattonare
to crouch, to squat accovacciarsi, accovacciarsi
to cry piangere
to dance ballare
to dive immergersi
to dodge schivare
to drag trascinare
to dream sognare
to drink bere
to drive guidare
to eat mangiare
to enter per entrare
to escape scappare
to evade evadere
to fall cadere
to fix (something) riparare (qualcosa)
to float galleggiare
to fly volare
to follow (someone) da seguire (qualcuno)
to get fat ingrassare
to get over something per superare qualcosa
to give dare
to go andare
to go down andare giรน
to go out, to exit uscire, uscire
to hit / to punch colpire / pugni
to hug abbracciare
to jump saltare
to kick calciare
to kiss baciare
to kneel inginocchiarsi
to laugh ridere
to leap saltare
to leave lasciare
to lick leccare
to lie down stendersi
to lift up sollevare
to listen ascoltare
to look for cercare
to lose weight per perdere peso
to move spostare
to move away andare via
to move back per tornare indietro
to move something per spostare qualcosa
to open aprire
to park parcheggiare
to pass passare
to pick up raccogliere
to point puntare
to pour versare
to pull tirare
to pursue perseguire
to push spingere
to raise sollevare
to reach raggiungere
to read leggere
to repeat ripetere
to return ritornare
to roll rotolare
to run correre
to scream urlare
to see vedere
to separate separare
to shake a scuotere
to shower fare la doccia
to shrug scrollare le spalle
to sing cantare
to sit down sedersi
to sleep dormire
to slide scorrere
to smell annusare
to sniff ad annusare
to spread out spargersi
to stand up alzarsi
to steal rubare
to stop fermare
to swallow ingoiare
to sweat sudare
to swim nuotare
to take prendere
to talk parlare
to teach insegnare
to think pensare
to throw gettare
to touch toccare
to turn girare
to turn around girare intorno
to visit visitare
to walk camminare
to watch guardare
to whisper sussurrare
to whistle fischiare
to wink ammiccare
to work lavorare
to write scrivere
to yawn sbadigliare
to yell urlare