French vocabulary list – Opposite words

Opposites In French (Antonyms)


Want to learn the French language? Here’s a complete French vocabulary list of opposite words. Increase your French vocabulary fast and efficiently with this useful words list!




jeune young
vieux old
vide empty
plein full
vertical vertical
horizontal horizontal
utile useful
inutile useless
une ville a city / a town
un village a village
une question a question
une réponse an answer
triste sad
joyeux happy
tout everything
rien nothing
professeur professor
étudiant student
tôt early
tard late
ouvert open
fermé closed
premier first
dernier last
sûr safe
dangereux dangerous
proche, près near / close
loin far
sucre sugar
sel salt
sec dry
mouillé, humide wet, humid
souvent often
rarement seldom
toujours always
jamais never
pareil same
différent different
sale dirty
propre clean
le soir evening
le matin morning
petit small / little
grand tall
riche rich
pauvre poor
le plafond the ceiling
le sol the ground
animal animal
humain human
coupable guilty
innocent innocent
ici here
là-bas there
la faim hunger
la soif thirst
le soleil the sun
la lune the moon
la sœur sister
le frère brother
la paix peace
la guerre war
minuscule tiny
gigantesque huge
lourd heavy
léger light
ancien ancient
nouveau new
facile easy
difficile difficult / hard
commencer begin
finir finish
ami friend
ennemi enemy
hier yesterday
demain tomorrow
épais thick
fin thin
l’entrée entrance
la sortie exit
froid cool / cold
chaud warm / hot
droite right
gauche left
une femme a woman
un homme a man
à l’intérieur inside
a l’extérieur outside
lent slow
rapide fast
marié married
célibataire single
faux wrong
1 true
oui yes
non no
profond deep
peu profond shallow
bon good
mauvais bad
fort strong
faible weak
doux soft
dur hard
beaucoup a lot of / many
peu few
en haut up
en bas down
exactement exactly
approximativement / probablement approximately / probably
avant before
après after
blanc white
noir black
cher, coûteux expensive
bon marché, pas cher cheap
bruyant noisy
calme calm
compliqué complicated
simple simple
rugueux rough
lisse smooth
long long
court short
maintenant now
plus tard later
étroit narrow
large wide
dehors out, outside
dedans in, inside
lumineux light
sombre dark
intéressant interesting
ennuyeux boring
normal normal
étrange strange
marcher to walk
courir to run
attacher to attach
détacher to detach
monter to go up
descendre to go down
augmenter to increase
diminuer to decrease
arrêter to stop
continuer to continue
décoller to take off
atterrir to landing
mettre to put on
enlever to remove
avancer to move forward
reculer to back up
oublier to forget
se rappeler to remember
montrer to show
cacher to hide
économiser to save money
dépenser to spend
construire to build
détruire to destroy
arriver to arrive
partir to leave
entrer to enter
sortir to go out
rire to laugh
pleurer to cry
vendre to sell
acheter to buy
casser to break
réparer to fix
prêter to lend
emprunter to borrow
gagner to win
perdre to lose
ralentir to slow down
accélérer to accelerate
chercher to look for
trouver to find
tirer to pull
pousser to push
prendre to take
donner to give
se réveiller to wake up
s’endormir to fall asleep
tenir to hold on
lâcher to release ; to let go
allumer to turn on
éteindre to turn off
vendre to sell
acheter to buy
envoyer to send
recevoir to receive

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