List of adverbs in french pdf

List of adverbs in french 🇫🇷 (PDF)

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a lot beaucoup
abnormally anormalement
about environ
absolutely absolument
accidentally accidentellement
after, afterwards après
again encore
almost, nearly presque
always toujours
anytime n’importe quand 
anywhere n’importe oĂą
apparently, seemingly apparemment
approximately approximativement
automatically automatiquement
blindly aveuglement
briefly brièvement
busily activement
calmly calmement
carefully prudemment
certainly certainement
clearly clairement
closely attentivement
comfortably confortablement
completely complètement
constantly constamment, sans cesse
correctly, properly correctement
courageously, bravely courageusement
curiously curieusement
currently actuellement
daintily délicatement
deliberately délibérément
differently, otherwise autrement
easily facilement
elsewhere ailleurs
enough assez
eventually finalement
everywhere, all over partout
exactly exactement
exceptionally exceptionnellement
extremely extrĂŞmement
firstly premièrement
fluently couramment
foolishly bĂŞtement
for a long time longtemps
fortunately heureusement
frankly franchement
freely librement
from now on désormais
greatly considérablement
heavily, strongly fortement
hopelessly, desperately désespérément
immediately tout de suite
in the old days, in the past autrefois
lightly; slightly légèrement
loudly, noisily bruyamment
more and more de plus en plus
mysteriously mystérieusement
naturally naturellement
neatly proprement
never jamais
next, then ensuite
normally normalement
now maintenant
nowhere nulle part
obviously Ă©videmment
oddly bizarrement
often souvent
on purpose exprès
only seulement
patiently patiemment
perfectly parfaitement
perhaps peut-ĂŞtre
probably probablement
quietly tranquillement
randomly au hasard
rapidly, swiftly, quickly rapidement
rarely, seldom rarement
really, truly vraiment
recently, lately dernièrement
repeatedly Ă  plusieurs reprises
scarcely Ă  peine
separately séparément
seriously sérieusement
silently silencieusement
simply simplement
slowly lentement
softly, gently, quietly doucement
sometimes Parfois, quelquefois, de temps Ă  autre, de temps en temps
somewhere quelque part
soon bientĂ´t
standing debout
straight away, immediately, instantly immédiatement
strictly strictement
suddenly soudainement, brusquement
surprisingly Ă©tonnamment
together ensemble
too ; also ; as well aussi
truthfully, honestly honnĂŞtement
unfortunately, sadly malheureusement
unnecessarily inutilement
upside-down Ă  l’envers
usually d’habitude
very très
very much, enormously énormément
well bien
with difficulty difficilement
wrongly Ă  tort

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